Cycling to Save the World - Earth Day 2019

Posted by Bike Attack on Apr 20th 2019

Monday, April 22, 2019 is Earth Day. Many are celebrating Earth Day by bringing awareness to how we can contribute to doing our part to save the environment. Every. Gesture. Counts. Choosing to use a reusable aluminum water container instead of single use plastic bottles, choosing to use sustainable products, simply being more conscious of waste, every gesture counts. The gesture we're here to talk about today is cycling. You being a cyclist is more impactful than you may know and here is how.     Fossil Fuels  No more fossil fuels- cycling just a 5 mile commute …
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8 Bikes for Spring 2019 That Put the "Cruise" in Cruisers

Posted by Bike Attack on Apr 4th 2019

Spring 2019 is the time to head outside and enjoy superblooms, longer days, and gorgeous, temperate weather. Is there a more picturesque way to appreciate Spring than cruising outside on a cruiser?    Bianchi: Venezia Dama  For the Venezia Dama, Bianchi dug out the old 1950s design plans from their Milano. A classic steel tube set make up the foundation of the new Venezia. Its color matched fenders and chainguard, simple 3-speed internally geared hub, and styling pays homage to the artistic city of Venice. Simple, elegant, classical.     & …
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If You Like Indoor Cycling, You'll LOVE Outdoor Cycling.

Posted by Bike Attack on Mar 22nd 2019

Almost everyone in a metropolitan area of the United States has heard of spin classes. For those who haven't, it's an exercise class that has indoor stationary bikes, usually led by a "spinstructor" or spin instructor. These classes are all the rage for people looking to burn off calories and extra weight. They're intense, they're intimidating and they're inside.     The Flywheel is a LIEOne of the reasons many people opt for spin cycling is because they want to burn the calories as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most indoor bikes have what's called a "flywheel". …
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Tips for Buying A New E-Bike

Posted by Guest on Mar 18th 2019

Tips for Buying A New E-BikeYou are finally taking the leap and are opting to buy an e-bike. You like the idea of getting outdoors and getting exercise, but you also want to do so without the added stress on your joints and muscles. It’s a great idea. However, there are several things to consider when making any purchase. Here are some tips for buying your new e-bike.What are Your Needs? Consider where you live and how you plan on using your e-bike. Are there a lot of hills in your neighborhood? Do you plan on traveling long distances? These are important questions as you will want to buy a bi …
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Today Celebrate Women. Celebrate Cycling. Badass.

Posted by Bike Attack on Mar 8th 2019

Today is International Women's Day. We're celebrating females bossing it up in the cycling world. Here are a few noteworthy women both current and historical handling their business and their bikes. Hell yeah.      Modern Women:Female Cyclist Forced to Wait After Catching Up to Men's Race27-year old cyclist Nicole Hanselmann had a 2 minute lead when she was forced to take a 5 minute pause by race officials because she had caught up to the men's race. 18 miles into the 75 mile Omloop Het Nieuwsblad race in Belgium on Saturday, March 2nd, Hanselmann was forced by …
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