Lock it or Lose it

Lock it or lose it
Bike Attack, the premier bike shop in Los Angeles, highly encourages all of their customers to lock their bike properly at all times since theft is a big problem in the area. We recommend the following locks to make sure the bike is still there when you come back:

New York U-lock
Extreme bicycle protection!
3.25" x 6" (8.3cm x 153cm)

Evolution™ series 4
New Oval Design! Bicycle security for moderate to high crime areas
4" x 9" (10.2cm x 22.9cm)

KryptoLok® series 2 LS
The next generation in standard bicycle security

New York 1415
For extreme security needs in high crime areas.

CityChain 1010
Top security for city and countryside


Lock up do’s and don’ts:
  • DO keep your bike locked at all times.
  • DO lock your bike in a well lit area.
  • DO lock your bike to an object that is securely bolted or cemented to the ground.
  • DON’T lock your bike to itself, or to objects that can be easily cut.
  • DON’T lock your bike in the same area all the time.
  • Take a picture of your bike. The photos will help you to identify/recover the bike if it is ever stolen.
  • Register your bike! Kryptonite recommends registering your bike with a local or national bike registration service such as the National Bicycle Registry.
  • Register the combination number or key number with the lock company. Kryptonite will provide your combination number and offers lifetime key registration and fast key replacement services.
  • Keep your receipts and any bicycle serial numbers in a safe place.