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  • Aventon Electric | Level | 2021


    Aventon Electric: Level


    AVENTON ELECTRIC: LEVEL - 2021 AVENTON COMMUTER BIKE - ONE OF THE BEST E-BIKE PRICES IN THE INDUSTRY! The Aventon Level with the most rad power and speed is engineered for riders who want to escape from their cars and but still want to keep up with...

  • Aventon Electric | Pace 500  |  Black


    Aventon Electric: Pace 500


    AVENTON ELECTRIC: PACE 500 - 2020   You want something with rad power? This is the new Juiced: Aventon Pace 500 is an affordable and fast electric bicycle for someone who likes to ride around the city, along the beach path or for having an...

  • Aventon Electric | Sinch | 2021 Black


    Aventon Electric: Sinch


    AVENTON ELECTRIC: SINCH - Folding Bike   NOW AT BIKE ATTACK: NEW AVENTON FOLDING BIKE WITH RAD POWER AND SPEED   The magical unicorn of ebikes does exist. Introducing the Sinch - the most versatile folding fatbike on the market. With...