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  • Okai Electric | Stride | Electric City Bike


    Okai: Stride


    Okai: Stride Category: Affordable Electric City Bike at Bike Attack Playa Vista with comfortable Step Thru Frame.  A Classic, Reborn Classics never die, but they could always use an upgrade. enjoy the timeless style of the city bike, but...

  • Okai Electric | Ranger | Blue


    Okai: Ranger


    Okai: Ranger       Category: Fat Tire Ebike   All the power. All the confidence. All-terrain and All the fun. Now at Bike Attack Playa Vista.    Take a smart, comfortable and safe ride with OKAI...

  • Tern Electric| HSD S11 | Small Electric Cargo Bike | Tundra


    Tern Electric: HSD S11


    Tern Electric: HSD S11 - Mini Electric Cargo Bike The HSD S11 is a fun compact e-bike from Tern that is an excellent car replacement for your daily commute with plenty room for hauling cargo and can fit a child seat so you can take the little one with...

  • Surface 604 Electric: Twist

    Surface 604

    Surface 604 Electric: Twist


    Surface 604 Electric: Twist - Electric Bike with 20" wheels   POWERFUL 500W MOTOR Electric Bike at Bike Attack.   Purpose built for top speed 500W 48V electric motor. Feel the surge of quiet, consistent power distribution at higher speeds -...

  • Aventon Electric | Aventure | Black


    Aventon: Aventure


    AVENTON ELECTRIC: AVENTURE AVENTON FAT TIRE ELECTRIC BIKE - EXCLUSIVELY AT BIKE ATTACK PLAYA VISTA.   General Specs & details:   Class II eBike with speeds up to 20 MPH but adjustable to Class III for up to 28 MPH Throttle...

  • Tern | GSD R14 | Electric Cargo Bike | Forge Grey


    Tern Electric: GSD R14


    Tern: GSD R14 - 1000W The GSD R14 is an excellent all- around electric cargo bike from Tern that is perfect for freelancers and families looking for a reliable and affordable car alternative that can carry any cargo, even the...

  • Tern | GSD S10 LX | Blue Grey


    Tern Electric: GSD S10 LX


    Tern: GSD S10 LX - Electric Cargo Bike The GSD S10 LX is the newest electric cargo bike from Tern that is a practical choice for replacing your car for everyday use with its smooth handling and is compact enough to park upright to save space, even the...

  • Schwinn | Tango Tandem | Silver


    Schwinn: Tango Tandem


    Schwinn: Tango Tandem The Tango Tandem from Schwinn is a classic cruiser style tandem bike that features plush seat and and an upright riding position for comfort.   COLOR: Silver   SPECS Frame Schwinn® cruiser tandem...

  • Magnum Electric | Payload | Electric Cargo Bike


    Magnum Electric: Payload


    Magnum Electric: Payload - 2020 The Magnum Payload is an excellent electric cargo bike that features a 500 w motor and 48v 13ah battery and is available in popular black/blue color combination.     Model:Magnum Payload Cargo E-Bike Body...

  • Tern Electric | HSD S+ | Mini Electric Cargo Bike | Shake Polish


    Tern Electric: HSD S+


    Tern: HSD S+ - Mini Electric Cargo Bike The HSD+ is an agile electric bicycle from Tern that features 20” wheels, a powerful Bosch motor, a comfortable upright seating position, and can carry a high maximum payload...

  • Tern Electric | HSD S8i | Mini Electric Cargo Bike | Tundra


    Tern Electric: HSD S8i


    Tern: HSD S8i - Mini Electric Cargo Bike Tern’s HSD S8i is a very comfortable electric bicycle that packs a lot of functionality into a compact bike. This e-bike is ready to haul anything from everyday groceries to camping gear. Take the kiddos...

  • Tern Electric | HSD P9 | Mini Electric Cargo Bike | Red


    Tern Electric: HSD P9


    Tern: HSD P9 - Mini Electric Cargo Bike The HSD P9 is a capable electric cargo bike from Tern that features a sturdy frame with a comfortable upright seating position that is perfect for everyday riding. This compact electric touring bike is an...

  • Tern Electric | GSD S00 | Electric Cargo Bike | Rhino Grey


    Tern Electric: GSD S00 LX


    Tern Electric: GSD S00 LX - Electric Cargo Bike The GSD S00 LX is a sturdy compact electric cargo bike that features a well balanced frame with 20-inch wheels that is a fun car alternative to get around town. This e-bike can be stored up right as well...

  • Schwinn | Town & Country | Red


    Schwinn: Town & Country


    Schwinn: Town & Country Trike Cruisers Perfect for riders who want a classically-styled, comfortable and simple tricycle to cruise around town or on the beach.   Make A Statement And Stand Out From The Crowd. Do you crave a little something...

  • Elux Electric | Tahoe GT | Silver

    Elux Electric Bikes

    Elux Electric: Tahoe GT Sale


    Elux Electric: Tahoe GT The E-Lux Tahoe GT formerly called Tahoe Sport Limited Edition is an electric cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bike fully decked out and cranked up with a lot more speed, power and range. Experience Ultimate Luxury with a Zoom Front...

  • Tern Electric | GSD S10 | Electric Cargo Bike | Beetle Blue


    Tern Electric: GSD S10


    Tern Electric: GSD S10 - Electric Cargo Bike The GSD S10 is the perfect electric cargo bike from Tern for families and commuting to work. This compact electric folding bike can easily replace a car: carry two kids as well as groceries...

  • Tern Electric | Quick Haul D8 | Electric Folding Bike | Tabasco


    Tern Electric: Quick Haul D8


    Tern Electric: Quick Haul D8 The Quick Haul D8 is a New electric folding bike from Tern that will be arriving later this year and features a sturdy rear rack, a Bosch Active Line Plus motor that provides up to 50 Nm of torque and a 1x8-speed...

  • Biria | 20" Road Bike | Black

    Biria Bicycles

    Biria: Mini Velo


    Biria: Mini Velo - 20" Road Bike Biria's Mini Velo is a compact, fast and agile little devil that will take on the streets of New York, Chicago or San Francisco with a vengeance.  It's lightweight to carry it up 4 stories with ease, and small...

  • KHS | BNT 29 | Mountain Bike | Tall Rider | Matte Black


    KHS: BNT 29


    KHS: BNT 29 - Tall Bike for Extra Tall Rider KHS’ BNT 29 is the perfect mountain bike for the taller rider. This bike a Reynolds 520 CrMo Double Butted frame, WTB Tubeless Ready Wheelset, and a Shimano XT/Deore drivetrain...

  • KHS | 4 Season 500 | Fat Tire Mountain Bike | Matte Army Green


    KHS: 4 Season 500


    KHS: 4 Season 500 - Fat Tires KHS’ 4 Season 500 is a fat tire mountain bike that i's ready for all terrain snow, winter, and mud.   SPECIFICATIONS Frame  New Design Alloy 6061 w/Custom Formed TT & DT, Replaceable...

  • KHS | Flite 600 | Road Bike | 2019 | Matte Black


    KHS: Flite 600


    KHS: Flite 600 KHS' Flite 600 is a lightweight road bike that features a full carbon frame and fork, a Shimano Sora drivetrain, and mechanical disc brakes.   The Flite 600 is also available in a ladies model...