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  • Aventon Electric | Sinch | 2021 Black


    Aventon Electric: Sinch


    AVENTON ELECTRIC: SINCH - Electric Folding Bike - New Throttle On Demand Upgrade     NOW AT BIKE ATTACK: AVENTON FOLDING BIKE WITH RAD POWER AND SPEED   The magical unicorn of ebikes does exist. Introducing the Sinch - the most...

  • Tern | BYB S11 | Folding Bike | Matte Silver


    Tern: BYB S11


    Tern: BYB S11  Urban Performance Folding Bike Whether out on a daily multi-modal commute or a sprint across town, your ride will resemble our fold: fast and efficient. Optimize your commute, oar throw your bike in the back of a car and...

  • Tern | BYB P8 | Folding Bike | Silver Blue


    Tern: BYB P8


    Tern: BYB P8 Introducing the new BYB P8 folding bike from Tern. It’s smaller than their other folding bikes at 20”. BYB= Bring Your Bike. Take it with you on the bus, on the train, in your trunk, to work. Available at Bike Attack,...

  • Tern | Vektron S10 | Silver


    Tern Electric: Vektron S10


    Tern Electric: Vektron S10 New colors and updated styling Upgraded to the Bosch Performance electric drivetrain for 300% more assistance and 65 Nm of torque Updated frame with a reclining battery for a lower center of gravity and better...

  • Tern Electric |  Vektron Q9 | Satin Red


    Tern Electric: Vektron Q9


    Tern Electric: Vektron Q9 Electric Conquer hills and headwind—without breaking a sweat   Tern's Vektron Q9 is the ideal electric bike for all-season commuting in the city. It's equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, a sturdy rear rack,...

  • Biria Electric | Folding Bike | Red

    Biria Bicycles

    Biria Electric: Folding Bike


    Biria Electric: Folding Bike Introducing the new BIRIA Electric Folding Bike: It has the appearance of a normal folding bike with the Lithium-Ion battery hidden inside the frame. The 500 Watt motor and 36V, 10.4 Amp Samsung battery, provides a...

  • Elux Electric | Sierra Sport | Red

    Elux Electric Bikes

    Elux Electric: Sierra GT


    Elux Electric: Sierra GT The new Elux Sierra GT, a bestseller at Bike Attack, comes now fully equipped with 750 Watts, front suspension fork and extra light and brings the same rough and tough, off-road, and folding capabilities with the addition of Mag...

  • Tern | Link D7i | Shale/Gray | Folding Bike


    Tern: Link D7i


    Tern: Link D7i   The Link D7i is perfect for getting around in the city, hauling gear, and riding day-in-day-out. Rear rack and integrated lighting with electricity-generating hub are included.  Available at Bike Attack, Playa Vista...

  • Tern | Eclipse D16 | Folding Bike | Matte Gunmetal


    Tern: Eclipse D16


    Tern: Eclipse D16 Urban Performance Built for speed and feats of strength, Tern’s Eclipse D16 delivers the best price-to-performance ratio of and bike in their lineup. This folding bike features full-sized 26”...

  • Tern | Eclipse X22 | Matte Black/Red


    Tern: Eclipse X22


    Tern: Eclipse X22 Urban Performance Built for speed and feats of strength, The Eclipse X22 from Tern was designed to be the fastest folding bike in the world. It’s a full sized road bike, with hand-built 26”...

  • Tern | Verge P10 | Blue/Yellow | Folding Bike


    Tern: Verge P10


    Tern: Verge P10 The Verge P10 is built for performance. With 451 racing wheels and aerodynamic T-Tuned™ geometry, it rides with exceptional comfort and stability. With an adjustable handlebar stem, you can dial in your riding position with...

  • Tern | Verge S8i | Space Grey


    Tern: Verge S8i


    Tern: Verge S8i   URBAN Tern's Verge S8i is the most versatile ultra-low-maintenance folding bike. It’s designed around a Gates belt drive and Shimano’s 8-speed internal-gear Alfine hub. The result is a practically silent...

  • Tern | Verge X11 |Chrome/Gunmetal/Red | Black/Blue/Magenta


    Tern: Verge X11


    Tern: Verge X11 Tern's Verge X11 is an excellent folding bike that brings three technological leaps to Tern bikes: 451 wheels, T-Tuned™ geometry, and hyper-wide 1x drivetrains. It’s the no-holds-barred Verge, with hand-built Kinetix™...

  • Elux Electric | Sierra Folding Bike | Matte Black | No Rack

    Elux Electric Bikes

    Elux Electric: Sierra


    Elux Electric: Sierra - Electric Folding Bike The Elux Sierra is our bestselling electric folding bike at both of our locations at Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica and Bike Attack Playa Vista. It has the tough rugged look that many prefer and now...

  • KHS | F20A-H7 | Folding Bike | Black


    KHS: F20A-H7


    KHS: F20A-H7   The F20A is a folding bike from KHS that features 7-speeds and a comfortable padded saddle.   SPECIFICATIONS Frame Curved Top tube 6061 Alloy, Folding Fork Hi-ten steel 28.6...

  • Tern | Verge D9 | Silver/Grey


    Tern: Verge D9


    Tern: Verge D9 Urban Performance Built for speed and feats of strength Tern’s Verge D9 is a trailblazer. Inspired by their 451 Verge design philosophy, this folding bike has bigger race wheels, T-Tuned™ geometry, and a wide 1x drivetrain...

  • Tern | Link C8 | Folding Bike | Blue/Mango


    Tern: Link C8


    Tern: Link C8 Around Town For people who love cycling in the city, the Link C8 brings Tern's core technologies to a bike with an amazing price and even better ride. With a stiff 3D-forged handlepost, versatile gearing, and comfortable tires, the C8...

  • Tern | Node D7i | Black Bronze


    Tern: Node D7i


    Tern: Node D7i Around-Town For people who love cycling in the city, Tern’s Node D7i is optimized for commuting in the city. It sports a versatile seven-speed internal hub for low-maintenance riding, full fenders, and an integrated rear rack...

  • Tern | Eclipse P20 | Matte Black/Red


    Tern: Eclipse P20


    Tern: Eclipse P20 Urban Performance Built for speed and feats of strength, Tern’s Eclipse P20 is a high-performance road bike that folds down fast. This folding bike was engineered for speed, with it’s custom...

  • Tern | Link D8 | Safety yellow


    Tern: Link D8


    Tern: Link D8 The Link D8 from Tern is your everyday travel companion, whether your trip is exclusively on two wheels or in combination with buses, trains, or automobiles. This folding bike features a new Loader G2 rack and reflective decals on the...

  • Biria | 20" Road Bike | Black

    Biria Bicycles

    Biria: Mini Velo


    Biria: Mini Velo - 20" Road Bike Biria's Mini Velo is a compact, fast and agile little devil that will take on the streets of New York, Chicago or San Francisco with a vengeance.  It's lightweight to carry it up 4 stories with ease, and small...

  • Tern | Node D8 | Midnight Blue


    Tern: Node D8


    Tern: Node D8   The Node D8 is the workhorse of our Around-Town bike family. With big wheels, comfortable tires, and swept-back handlebars, it’s as comfortable and solid as a Dutch city-bike, but it folds down small—in 10 seconds flat...

  • Tern | Link A7 | Red | Folding Bike


    Tern: Link A7


    Tern: Link A7 Tern’s Link A7 lets you discover the utility of a folding bike at the most affordable price ever. With wide 7-speed gearing, and a custom telescopic handlepost, it’s easy to dial-in exactly the ride you’re looking for...