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  • Marin | Donky Jr. 24" LTD | Space


    Marin: Donky JR 24" LTD


    Marin: Donky 24" LTD The same great spec as the Donky Jr. 24, with a lightweight aluminum frame, dependable Shimano 6-speed drivetrain, kids-sized saddle, grips and controls, along with the quality components you expect from Marin, but decked out with...

  • Marin | DSX | Gravel Bike | Gloss Blue/Orange


    Marin: DSX


    Marin: DSX Marin's DSX it the mountain biker's gravel bike with familiar hand positioning, reliable 1x drivetrains, large tire clearance, and dropper post routing for better off road control, and on road descending stability...

  • Marin | DSX FS | Gravel Bike | Gloss Black/Grey


    Marin: DSX FS


    Marin: DSX FS The DSX FS is an excellent gravel bike from Marin that features a low standover with a Series 3 aluminum frame, large 700c tires, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and drivetrain with the comfort and heads up positioning of a flat...

  • Marin | Fairfax ST 1 | Urban Bike | Gloss Black


    Marin: Fairfax ST 1


    Marin: Fairfax ST 1 Marin's Fairfax ST 1 is the perfect for those looking for a dependable flat-bar fitness bike. The Fairfax ST1 features a lightweight aluminum step through frame, a stout chromoly fork, and a reliable Shimano drive train, and was...

  • Marin | Fairfax 2 ST | Urban City Bike | Gloss Blue/Teal


    Marin: Fairfax ST 2


    Marin: Fairfax ST 2 The Fairfax is key to our our Fitness line, built for the flat-bar fitness road rider with the accessory mounts and gear range for future upgrades. Key upgrades from Fairfax 1 ST 1: Series 2 Fitness frame Straight blade aluminum...

  • Marin | Nicasio 2 | Satin Charcoal/Reflective Black


    Marin: Lombard 1


    Marin: Lombard 1   Tough, fast rigs for urban riding, the Lombard can take you to work day in and day out to your get you to your destination, and take abuse without blinking. Bulit-in reflectivity keeps you visible from all directions, and thanks...

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    Marin | Gestalt 2.5 | Satin Black/Gloss Dark Chameleon Red


    Marin: Gestalt 2.5


    Marin: Gestalt 2.5 LONG DISTANCE COMMUTING ENDURANCE AND ALL-WEATHER PAVEMENT The Gestalt is for the drop bar rider that doesn’t want to stick to pavement, and can’t help but get dirty no matter the route. Long distance commuters and...

  • Marin | El Roy | Mountain Bike | Gloss Blue/Red


    Marin: El Roy


    Marin: El Roy Marin's El Roy is the ultimate aggressive steel hardtail that'll get you to the top, and then really shine on the way down, with a spicy mix of progressive geometry and supple steel.   COLOR Gloss Blue/Red   SIZE / Rider...

  • Marin | Donky Jr. 24" | Black/Gold


    Marin: Donky JR 24


    Marin: Donky 24"  Built around a lightweight aluminum frame, dependable Shimano 6-speed drivetrain, kids-sized saddle, grips and controls, along with the quality components you expect from Marin. Perfect for neighborhood adventures, where each...

  • Marin | Donky Jr. 20" | Kid Bike | White/Silver


    Marin: Donky JR. 20"


    Marin: Donky 20" Marin's Donky Jr. 20" is s step up from the 18" model, this kids bike is built with a lightweight alloy frame and stout steel fork, and has a dependable and smooth-shifting Shimano 6-speed drivetrain that is perfect for a growing rider...

  • Marin | Donky Jr. 18" | Kids Bike | Black/Gold


    Marin: Donky JR. 18"


    Marin: Donky JR. 18"  Marin's Donky Jr. 18" is built around easy to ride 18" wheels, a lightweight aluminum frame and powerful brakes that'll keep kids safe and set them up for the future. No training wheels this time, it's your kid's first proper...

  • Marin | Donky Jr. 16" | Kids Bike | White Polkadot


    Marin: Donky JR. 16"


    Marin: Donky JR. 16"  Marin's Donky Jr. 16" is ready to tear up the local sidewalks, driveways and bike paths with its lightweight aluminum frame, smooth rolling mixed tread tires, and powerful linear pull brakes. Hand-operated brakes and...

  • Marin | DSX 2 | Gravel Bike | Brown/Yellow


    Marin: DSX 2


    Marin: DSX 2 Marin's DSX 2 is an excellent gravel bike for riders looking to go on an adventure on and off the road that features sturdy 700c tires, dependable Shimano Deore drivetrain, and hyraulic disc brakes...

  • Marin | DSX 1 | Gravel Bike | Grey/Blue


    Marin: DSX 1


    Marin: DSX 1 The DSX 1 is the perfect gravel bike for riders looking to ride long distances on mixed surface commuting with smart geometry, a reliable drivetrain, and large tires help you be in control on and off the road...

  • Marin | Bayview Trail 24" | Kids Mountain Bike | Gloss Red/Black


    Marin: Bayview Trail 24"


    Marin: Bayview Trail 24" The Bayview Trail 24" from Marin was built to get kids hooked on riding with quality riding components and fun graphics that will last for years of neighborhood and bike park service.   COLOR Gloss Red/Black, Gloss...

  • Marin | Four Corners | Gloss Green/Tan


    Marin: Four Corners


    Marin: Four Corners Marin's Four Corners a comfortable road bike for both commuting and any adventure. The heads-up bar position and generous braze-ons that make it possible to live on the bike for days at a time are equally at home on the daily commute...

  • Marin | Bolinas Ridge 2 | Mountain Bike | Gloss Black/Green


    Marin: Bolinas Ridge 2


    Marin: Bolinas Ridge 2 The Bolinas Ridge 2 is sturdy mountain bike from Marin that features a lightweight aluminum frame, a reliable Shimano drivetrain, and large comfortable Size-specific 27.5" or 29" wheels for more traction and control through any...

  • Marin | Bolinas Ridge 1 | Mountain Bike | Gloss Grey


    Marin: Bolinas Ridge 1


    Marin: Bolinas Ridge 1 Marin's Bolinas Ridge 1 is perfectly suited for recreational riders wishing to explore singletrack and dirt trails with a mountain bike built for real trails, with trail capable suspension forks and all-conditions disc brakes...

  • Marin | San Quentin 24 | Gloss Red/Black


    Marin: San Quentin 24


    Marin: San Quentin 24 Marin's San Quentin 24 is a rad mountain bike for kids who want to do everything that an off road bike can: single track, park riders, and cruising in the neighborhood in style.   Color: Gloss...

  • Marin | San Quentin 20" | Youth/Kids Bike | Gloss Blue/Green


    Marin: San Quentin 20"


    Marin: San Quentin 20" The San Quentin 20" is a fun mountain bike from Marin that was made for kids that are looking to explore everything an offroad bike can do from singletrack to park rides to just cruising the neighborhood in style...

  • Marin | Bobcat Trail 4 | Mountain Bike | Gloss Silver


    Marin: Bobcat Trail 4


    Marin: Bobcat Trail 4 The Bobcat Trail 4 is a capable mountain bike from Marin that features a modern trail geometrybuild for exploring singletrack trail systems.   COLOR Gloss Silver, Gloss Tan   SIZE / Rider height range XS: 4'10"...

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    Marin | Gestalt X11 | Gloss Grey/Blue/Rorange


    Marin: Gestalt X11


    Marin: Gestalt X11 Marin's Gestalt X11 is a reliable drop bar road bike that features simple 1x drivetrains, large tire clearance, and dropper post routing for better off road control, and on road descending ability.   Color: Gloss...

  • Marin | Muirwoods RC | Gloss Silver/Black


    Marin: Muirwoods RC


    Marin: Muirwoods RC Marin's Muirwoods RC is an excellent urban bicycle for the everyday ride that was built for jumping curbs and cutting through a park on the way to a grocery store or class.   Color: Gloss...

  • Marin | Nicasio+ | Green/Black


    Marin: Nicasio+


    Marin: Nicasio+ Marin's Nicasio+ is an excellent road bike that feature classic lines and CrMo frame tubes like a classic bike and a tire clearance that allows for riders to handle any surface.   Color: Satin...

  • Marin | Nicasio 2 | Satin Blue/Green/Orange


    Marin: Nicasio 2


    Marin: Nicasio 2 The Nicasio 2 is the perfect road bike from Marin for riders who are looking for something different, modern but with a traditional steel frame. This bike is great for long distance commuting on and off the road and is ready to...

  • Marin | Kentfield ST 2 | Gloss Green/Bronze


    Marin: Kentfield 2 ST


    Marin: Kentfield 2 ST The Kentfield 2 ST is an excellent city bike for ladies who like to ride along the bike path or ride on a short commute to work.   Color: Gloss Green/Bronze or Gloss Chrome/Teal   The Kentfield is also...