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  • Surly | Big Dummy | 2020 | Blacktacular | 1


    Surly: Big Dummy - 2020


    Surly: Big Dummy - 2020 Surly's Big Dummy is a long-tail cargo bike that does it all. Take this bike anywhere, Since its introduction, many have ditched one of both of their cars and have minimized their carbon footprint in doing so.   Big...

  • Surly | Big Fat Dummy | 2020 | Thorfrost White | 1


    Surly: Big Fat Dummy - 2020


    Surly: Big Fat Dummy - Fat Tire Cargo Bike - 2020 Surly's Big Fat Dummy is an excellent fat-tire long-tail cargo bike that is perfect for those looking to make the most out of bike packing. This bike was specifically designed around fat tires, it has...

  • Surly | Bridge Club | 2020 | Grandma's Lipstick | 1


    Surly: Bridge Club - 2020


    Surly: Bridge Club - 2020 The Bridge Club is an extremely versatile touring bike that is perfect for riding on- and off-road.   All Road Touring Bike for Any Destination Bridge Club is for those multi-surface outings — planned or unplanned...

  • Surly | Bridge Club Frameset | Grandma's Lipstick


    Surly: Bridge Club Frameset


    Surly: Bridge Club Frameset The Bridge Club frameset is a wonderful all-around touring bike that is excellent for riding on- and off-road.   Touring Bikes There are very few things in this cold, dark world that truly compare to loading your bike...

  • Surly | Disc Trucker | 700c | Pea Lime


    Surly: Disc Trucker


    Surly: Disc Trucker The Disc trucker is the perfect drop bar touring bike for traveling anywhere in the world on mostly paved roads.   Why Disc Brake Touring Bikes? Disc Trucker enjoys the same reputation as Long Haul Trucker; it’s one...

  • Surly | ECR | 27.5 | 2020 | Tank Green


    Surly: ECR - 2020


    Surly: ECR - 2020 The ECR is an excellent plus-tired off-road touring bike that is perfect for hitting the trails.   The Go-To Bikepacking Bike Sometimes the only way to break the humdrum of life is with a bike ride off the beaten path...

  • Surly | ECR Frameset | 27.5 | 2020 | Tank Green


    Surly: ECR Frameset - 2020


    Surly: ECR Frameset - 2020 The ECR Frameset from Surly is rad for off road touring and hitting the trails with its plus sized tire clearance.   Touring Bikes There are very few things in this cold, dark world that truly compare to loading your...

  • Surly | Ice Cream Truck | 2020 | Prickly Pear | 1


    Surly: Ice Cream Truck - 2020


    Surly: Ice Cream Truck - 2020 The Surly Ice Cream Truck is the perfect mountain bike for hitting the trails and has the largest tire clearance on a fat bike frame.   From log and root covered ribbons of twisty singletrack to miles of powdery snow...

  • Surly | Karate Monkey | 2021 |  Green


    Surly: Karate Monkey - 2021


    Surly: Karate Monkey - 2021 Surly’s Karate Monkey is a versatile mountain bike that delivers on the trails.    Multipurpose Hardtail Mountain Bike Karate Monkey delivers a resilient, lively ride on all sorts of gnarly terrain. Its...

  • Surly | Krampus | 2020 | Tangled Up In Blue | 1


    Surly: Krampus - 2020


    Surly: Krampus - 2020 Surly's Krampus is a beast, this 28+ mountain bike can go over, off of, or through just about anything in its path.   Trail Bikes Trail bikes are deeply rooted in the Surly DNA. In fact, their trail category has pioneered...

  • Surly | Lowside | 2020 | Green Astro Turf | 1


    Surly: Lowside - 2020


    Surly: Lowside - 2020 The Lowside is an excellent single-speed mountain bike from Surly that can get you across town for a quick rip on a singletrack.    Lowside is like the grownup version of the bike you rode when you were a kid and still...

  • Surly | Ogre | 2020 | Cold Slate Blue | 1


    Surly: Ogre - 2020


    Surly: Ogre - 2020 The Surly Ogre is an excellent commuter bike that is ready to explore everywhere from across town or across the country.   Touring Bikes There are very few things in this cold, dark world that truly compare to loading...

  • Surly | Ogre Frameset | 2020 | Cold Slate Blue


    Surly: Ogre Frameset - 2020


    Surly: Ogre Frameset - 2020 Surly's Ogre frameset is a versatile commuter bike that can haul a lot of stuff in any season.   Touring Bikes There are very few things in this cold, dark world that truly compare to loading your bike with only the...

  • Surly | Pack Rat | 26 | 2020 | Hi-Viz Black


    Surly: Pack Rat - 2020


    Surly: Pack Rat - 2020 The Pack Rat is the perfect road bike for short to mid-distance riding with a a front-load- carrying rack to keep all your stuff within arm's reach.   A Nimble Front Load-Carrying Bike Pack Rat is specifically designed...

  • Surly | Pugsley | 2020 | Candied Yam Orange | 1


    Surly: Pugsley - 2020


    Surly: Pugsley - Fat Tires - 2020 The Pugsley is the ultimate fat tire mountain bike from Surly that is great for off- road touring and exploration.   Setting the Bar for Fat Tire Expedition Bikes Maximalist off-road tourists,...

  • Surly | Straggler | 700c | 2020 | Gloss Black


    Surly: Straggler - 2020


    Surly: Straggler - 2020 Surly’s Straggler is a backpacking-inspired road/gravel bike that is excellent for hitting the pavement or ready to hit the trails when needed.   Pavement Bikes Today's steel road bikes are tricky little...