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  • SE Bikes | Perry Kramer PK Ripper 27.5"

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    Perry Kramer PK Ripper 27.5"


    Perry Kramer PK Ripper 27.5" When the original PK Ripper burst onto the scene in 1979, it took the BMX world by storm & set a new benchmark for radness. Here we are now 40+ years later and it’s happening again with the new PK Ripper 27.5,...

  • SE Bikes | DJ Ripper HD 26" | Yellow

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    SE Bikes: DJ Ripper HD 26"


    SE Bikes: DJ Ripper HD 26" An upgraded version of the 26” DJ Ripper? You bet! The DJ Ripper HD uses the same legendary PK Ripper frame design as the standard DJ Ripper, but has upgrades galore. The bike comes equipped with Manitou Circus Expert...

  • SE Bikes | DJ Ripper 26" | Silver

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: DJ Ripper 26"


    SE Bikes: DJ Ripper 26" A PK Ripper like you’ve never seen before! The 26” DJ Ripper takes the design elements of the classic PK Ripper and wraps them into a 26” dirt jumper that will blow your mind. The frame features SE's legendary...

  • SE Bikes | Fast Ripper 29" | Black

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    SE Bikes: Fast Ripper 29"


    SE Bikes: Fast Ripper 29" About   The Fast Ripper sums up our legendary motto of "BMX Innovations." We took the Big Ripper and cranked it to ten with the addition of a SRAM GX 1x10 drivetrain and a Shimano Deore 10-speed cassette. New this year,...

  • SE Bikes: Bronco 20" - 2021

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    SE Bikes: Bronco 20" - 2021


    SE Bikes: Bronco 20" With a completely new frame design that features an ultra-low standover height, the lightweight 6061 aluminum Bronco is a perfect fit for youngsters. Front and rear hand brakes and freewheel rear hub will be sure to build confidence...

  • SE Bikes | Bronco 16"  | Kids BMX Bike | Pink

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    SE Bikes: Bronco 16"


    SE Bikes: Bronco 16" The Bronco 16 may be small, but it’s made for big adventures. Built with a new lightweight 6061 aluminum frame, this bike is ready to zip around on. The training wheels, coaster brake, and hand brake will be sure to build...

  • SE Bikes | Bronco 12" | Kids BMX Bike |

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: Bronco 12"


    SE Bikes: Bronco 12" Built for the kids, the all-new Bronco 12 is built with a lightweight 6061 aluminum that feature a low standover and compact geometry. It comes equipped with training wheels, coaster brake, and a hand brake for the enthusiastic...

  • SE Bikes | Blocks Flyer 26" | Stealth Mode Black

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    SE Bikes: Blocks Flyer 26"


    SE Bikes : Blocks Flyer 26"    About Got Blocks!? The 26" Blocks Flyer is the bike to have if you want to raise it up with the crew and catch some blocks. This year's frame has been improved with an internal headset and mid bottom bracket...

  • SE Bikes | Big Flyer 29" | Blue

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: Big Flyer 29"


    SE Bikes: Big Flyer 29" About The 29" Big Flyer continues to take the crown as the king of the streets. This year's bike is tougher than ever with the addition of an internal headset and mid-bottom bracket. With four awesome colorways to choose from,...

  • SE Bikes | OM-Duro 27.5"+ | Black Sparkle

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    SE Bikes: OM-Duro 27.5"+


    SE Bikes: OM-Duro 27.5"+   About   To celebrate the life and times of SE’s founder, Scot Breithaupt, and SE’s motto of “BMX Innovations,” we created a bike like you’ve never seen before. The 27.5+ OM-Duro takes...

  • SE Bike | Lager | 2021 | Black

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: Lager - 2021


    SE Bikes: Lager The Lager packs a quality punch with a butted top tube and down tube, Cr-Mo seat tube, alloy cranks, and super smooth Freedom ThickSlick tires. This bike comes equipped not only with riser bars, but also with alloy bullhorn bars. The...

  • SE BIKES | Big Ripper 29" | Purple Rain

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    SE Bikes: Big Ripper 29"


    SE Bikes: Big Ripper 29"   About The PK Ripper was the raddest, baddest and most famous bike during the first BMX boom in the early '80s. Fast forward 40 years to today and now it's the 29" Big Ripper that's on top during the Big Bike BMX boom...

  • SE Bikes | Wildman | BMX Bike | 2021 | Blue

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    SE Bikes: Wildman - 2021


    SE Bikes: Wildman - 2020 With a 19.5” top tube, the Wildman might be small but it packs a mean punch. It’s the perfect bike for a new BMXer looking to hit the trails, street, or skatepark. Built with 25-9 gearing, tapered fork legs, and...

  • SE Bikes | Everyday | BMX Bikes | 2021 | Green

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: Everyday - 2021


    SE Bikes: Everyday - 2020 - Sold Out The Everyday is the perfect bike to thrash on. It comes equipped with tapered fork legs, 3-piece cranks, mid-bottom bracket, and extra-wide 2.3” tires. Whether riding the trails, street, or park, this bike is...

  • SE Bikes | Gaudium | BMX bike | 2021 | Gray

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: Gaudium - 2021


    SE Bikes: Gaudium - 2020 The Gaudium is pure radness. This bike features a double-butted main frame, female axle hubs, Alienation rims, extra-wide 2.4” Demolition tires, and Odyssey pedals. It’s uniquely spec’d to Kris Fox’s...

  • SE Bikes | Ripper | BMX Bike | Black Sparkle

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: Ripper


    SE Bikes: Ripper  SE took a wild turn with the Ripper this year! This radical new direction had them start from scratch with a rebuild that includes upgrades, color changes, and new parts all over. Major things to check out are the bigger seat with...

  • SE Bikes | OM Flyer 26" | Gold

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: OM Flyer 26"


    SE Bikes: OM Flyer 26"  About A staple in BMX at Bike Attack for nearly as long as the sport has been in existence, the 26" OM Flyer was originally designed by and named after SE's founder, Scot "Old Man" Breithaupt. This bike captures the essence...

  • SE Bikes | Ripper X | Silver

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: Ripper X


    SE Bikes: Ripper X Built with a super-stiff 6066 aluminum frame featuring a bi-oval downtube and 6066 aluminum Landing Gear forks, this rad ride weighs in at a featherweight 16.9 pounds. Rounding out the package are Alienation Ankle Biter rims, a Promax...

  • SE Bikes | Mini Ripper | Kids BMX Bikes

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: Mini Ripper


    SE Bikes: Mini Ripper The Mini Ripper’s aluminum frame features an ultra-stiff bi-oval downtube, rectangular rear stays and 3D-forged dropouts. Add in the lightweight 6066 aluminum Landing Gear forks, Promax Impact Mini stem, Alienation Ankle...

  • SE Bikes | Ripper Jr | Kids BMX Bike

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: Ripper Jr


    SE Bikes: Ripper Jr Staying true to SE’s claim of “BMX Innovations,” the Ripper Jr is one of the stiffest, lightest and fastest junior sized race bikes on the track. At only 15.8 lbs, this amazing bike features a lightweight 6066...

  • SE Bikes | So Cal Flyer 24" | BMX Bike | Yellow Camo

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: So Cal Flyer 24"


    SE Bikes: So Cal Flyer 24"   About   The 24" So Cal Flyer is back with a vengeance this year. The frame has been beefed up with an internal headset, sealed bearing mid-bottom bracket and wider stays. The bike spec has been upgraded with the...