The Road To Success: Owning A Bike Shop Business

Posted by Bike Attack on Sep 26th 2022

The Road To Success: Owning A Bike Shop BusinessAre you considering opening your own bicycle shop? We know it can be overwhelming when there are many tedious steps necessary to getting a new business up and running, but proper planning can alleviate stress and have a positive impact in your first year of business.Finding a storefront, hiring employees, and obtaining all the necessary inventory are all factors you’ll need to consider before getting excited about your business plans. You can use these insights to guide you through your preparations.Just The Right FitDepending on the location of …
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Bike Attack - winner of the Bicycle Retailer Excellence Award 2022

Posted by National Bicycle Association NBDA on Jul 3rd 2022

Bike Attack has been granted the 2022 Bicycle Retailer Excellence Award by the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA). The National Bicycle Dealers Association is a non-profit organization established in 1946 which promotes the interests of cycling and specialty bicycle retail across North America.The NBDA has certified Bike Attack as being among the top local bicycle retailers in the United States. Fewer than 125 qualified for this honor. Bike Attack is one of the only Bike Shops selected in Los Angeles County in 2022.Key to certification is a lengthy application survey that quantifies k …
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Cycling in Los Angeles

Posted by Bike Attack on May 31st 2022

Riding your bike in Los Angeles is easy and a lot of fun if you know your way around town.There are many bike lanes throughout the city that are worth exploring for a fun ride around town or your daily commmute.Bike Attack's favorite rides in and around LA are:- Ballona Bike Path along the LA River from Marina Del Rey to Culver City Marvin Braude Bike path along the beach from Redondo Beach to Santa Monica Exposition Line Bike Path along the Metro Line …
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​5 Tips for Maintaining Your E-Bike

Posted by Elux Bikes on May 18th 2022

5 Tips for Maintaining Your E-Bike Fortunately, Electric Bikes are very easy to care for. With some basic, preventative care, you can keep them running smoothly for longer. Like any other vehicle, your e-bike will remain more valuable when well-maintained. Additionally, good maintenance will help you to avoid most mechanical issues. The following four tips will help you to enjoy the best ownership experience possible. 1) Avoid Letting the Battery Drain FullyAlthough battery technology has advanced significantly, it is a good idea to avoid a full drain. Typically, keeping your battery topped …
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​Biking with Your Dog

Posted by Happy Writers, Co on Nov 1st 2021

Biking with Your DogAlways wanted to explore the great outdoors on your bike, but struggled to think about leaving your dog behind? Great news! You don’t need to organize doggy daycare because there are safe ways to take your dog with you when you go biking.Bikepacking with your dog can be an incredible shared activity. Just like you - your dog also loves the freedom of exploring rural routes and following wherever their eyes or noses take them.How to safely take your dog bikepackingThere are a few extra considerations to keep in mind when preparing to take your dog on a biking trip. Of course …
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