Bike Attack - winner of the Bicycle Retailer Excellence Award 2022

Posted by National Bicycle Association NBDA on Jul 3rd 2022

Bike Attack has been granted the 2022 Bicycle Retailer Excellence Award by the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA). The National Bicycle Dealers Association is a non-profit organization established in 1946 which promotes the interests of cycling and specialty bicycle retail across North America.

The NBDA has certified Bike Attack as being among the top local bicycle retailers in the United States. Fewer than 125 qualified for this honor. Bike Attack is one of the only Bike Shops selected in Los Angeles County in 2022.

Key to certification is a lengthy application survey that quantifies key elements found in successful retail operations of all kinds. The retailers were also evaluated through phone & email contacts, website appeal & accuracy, and marketing expertise. The process of going through the application and the outside perspective of the NBDA staff have created a program in which every shop can recognize their strengths and weaknesses and become the very best retailer they can be.

The Bicycle Retailer Excellence Award requires not only great shopping experiences and expert leadership and staff, but also support for their local community and national cycling advocacy. Each retailer awarded fits these criteria and more. The local bicycle retailer is not only a store, but also a pillar of a community. By being given this award, Bike Attack has proven that they exemplify this ideal.

Sincerely yours,

Heather Mason, NBDA President