Americas Best Bike Shop 2019 | Bike Attack

Posted by NBDA on Nov 11th 2019

November 11, 2019BIKE ATTACK named America’s Best Bike Shop 2019The National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) has certified BIKE ATTACK as being among the top local bicycle retailers in the United States. Fewer than 200 qualified for this honor.Key to certification is a lengthy application survey that quantifies key elements found in successful retail operations of all kinds. Mystery shoppers then evaluated dealers through phone & email contacts, website appeal & accuracy, and an in-store visit with detailed breakdown of their experience, from a customer’s perspective, provided …
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Black Friday Bicycle and E-Bike Sale at both Bike Attack Stores

Posted by Bike Attack on Nov 23rd 2018

Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica and Bike Attack Playa Vista have an all week long Black Friday Bicycle and E-Bike Sale at both Bike Attack Stores: Online at and or in our Bicycle stores!Use Coupon Code Ride. Many Bikes are already reduced! …
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Discover the Great Benefits of Buying an Electric Bike

Posted by Kitty on Nov 18th 2013

There has been plenty of news regarding the most innovative cars on the market. Cars that hover above the ground and many of us have seen videos of the ones that can actually drive themselves — these are all making headlines across the nation. There are even cars that can predict a collision and automatically depress the brakes to prevent an accident. Well, now there is another type of vehicle that is becoming the talk of the town and is sure to blow your mind and change your perspective on your current method of commute. Discover the Great Benefits of Buying an Electric BikeYou may wonder why …
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Purefix Glow - For Cyclist Who Want To Stand Out

Posted by blogbike on Sep 11th 2013

Purefix has been a trusted name in the fixed-gear bike arena for years, so when they married up their quality bikes with solar activated glow in the dark paint, well — Let's just say there's a new way to shine when the sun sets in Cali.The Zulu may be more basic in nature as a fixie when compared to multi-gear road bikes, but this urban bike is anything but basic in style and the components it does have are quality making it's $399 retail price one of the biggest bang for your buck values around.The Zulu has a high tensile steel frame that is built to last and designed for comfort in urban rid …
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