Black Friday Sales - Bicycles, Bike Helmets, Electric Bikes

Black Friday Sales - Bicycles, Bike Helmets, Electric Bikes

Posted by Bike Attack and Bike Attack Electric on Nov 25th 2019

Bike Attack, awarded America's Best Bike Shop 5 times in a row by the National Bicycle Dealers Association NBDA, is proven to be one of the best bike shops in the nation. Does that necessary mean Bike Attack has the best prices? Or do we provide the best service? Or dow we have the best brands? Or all of that? 

A combination of good service, good prices and the best brands is the best. 

So how can we make sure we give the best prices for electric bikes and greatest deals on bicycles, on all bike parts, bicycle accessories like bike helmets, locks, baskets, and on cycling wear and at the same time provide superior service? It is not an easy task but we happen to be able to provide excellent service combined with excellent low prices all year around.

That's why we don't really need Black Friday sales. Our prices are the lowest in the area all year around, we don't have to lower them just for a single weekend in November. Bike Attack and Bike Attack Electric has the best prices all the time, all year around and does not overcharge the rest of the year just to be able to lower prices during Black Friday sale for a single weekend. Does this make sense? I hope it does. Of course we understand the need to have a sale from time to time to get the heart pumping and the excitement up. Therefore - and to say thank you to our loyal customers - Bike Attack announces our Bike Attack Black Friday Bike Shop Sale now. 

Certain bikes and ebikes are on sale now until Cyber Monday! Come and see Bike Attack Playa Vista at Runway Playa Vista adjacent Whole Foods or our electric store Bike Attack Electric at 2904 Main Street in Santa Monica! You can also check out our "on sale items" in our online shops below:

Bike Attack On Sale


Bike Attack Electric On Sale