​How to Store your Beloved Bike: Tips and Tricks

Posted by Porch.com on Nov 13th 2020

How to Store your Beloved Bike: Tips and Tricks

It is important to know how to store your bicycle. Here are some considerations when

thinking about bicycle storage for your needs.

Types of Bicycles

When planning your bicycle storage, consider what type of bicycles you will be storing:

 Road bicycles are lightweight bicycles with skinny, low-tread tires. They are

designed for fast travel on paved roads. If you commute, you will want a storage

option that allows for quick retrieval and parking.

 Mountain bicycles are heavy-duty bicycles with wide treaded wheels. They

provide plenty of shock absorption suitable for riding unpaved trails. These bikes

can get quite muddy, so outdoor storage may be preferable.

 Electric bicycles are outfitted with a battery-powered motor, making cycling

accessible for all. Whether storing indoors or outside, make sure you protect the

motor of this type of bicycle from rain and wind.

 Folding bicycles are a compact, commuter-friendly option that’s portable and

easy to store. You may be able to get by with a simple rack or even a shelf to

store this type of bicycle.

 Recumbent bicycles are low to the ground and offer a unique silhouette to

consider for your storage solution. They’re a great candidate for an outdoor

bicycle shed or tent.

Do you have multiple types of bicycles to store? Will you get a new type of bicycle in the

future? Plan ahead to save on installation costs.

Bicycle Storage Consideration

There are a number of important factors to consider when planning your storage


The size of your bicycles determines which storage options will minimize the space they

take up. Consider both the frame and the size of your wheels. Depending on the space

you have available, you may want to store your bicycle with the side flat against the

wall, or vertically with wheels perpendicular to the wall.

The type of bicycle you own can also guide your decision. Do you own a road bike that

you use to commute every day? Or do you own a mountain bike that you take out for

weekend rides twice a month? Some storage options are more accessible than others.

Check the weight of your bicycles and make sure whatever option you select can

provide the support it needs. Lightweight road bikes can be mounted on most hooks

and walls. If you own a heavy mountain bike, you might want to consider a floor rack or

a hoist with a high weight limit.

Will strangers have access to your bicycle storage area? If so, you will want to research

security options to prevent theft. Chains and locks go a long way to protect your bicycle,

but make sure you secure your wheels, frame, handlebars, and seat. Keep your bicycle

covered for extra security through obscurity.

Wall and floor protection is another factor. This is an important consideration for tenants

and homeowners alike. Tires can leave unsightly marks, and it only takes one wrong

move to knock a hole in the drywall with a heavy bike. If your bicycle storage will have

high traffic, try to install it in an area that can support it.

 Will you store your bicycle indoors or outside? Both offer pros and cons:

 Indoor storage keeps your bicycle better secured against the elements and from


 However, indoor storage can also increase the risk of damaging floors and walls.

It is also inconvenient if you live on the second floor or higher of a building.

 Outdoor storage ensures more room to keep your bicycle and less worry about

the mess when engaging in repair and maintenance.

 But outdoor storage also requires that you take steps to cover your bicycle and

invest in a security solution.

Whether you live in a home or an apartment will determine what kind of storage you

have at your disposal. You might prefer outdoor storage, but you simply may not have

the option. This is where creative indoor solutions really shine.

Bicycle storage is something you can do yourself. It can be a fun weekend project that

lets you exercise your creativity and craftsmanship. It’s a great way to free up space

and help organize your bicycle repair workspace at the same time.

For expediency’s sake, you may want to hire a professional. A professional installer can

ensure security and quality in a fraction of the time it takes to install by yourself.

Best Way to Store your Bicycle at Home or your Apartment

There are a multitude of indoor storage solutions at your disposal. The best indoor

storage is the one that promotes ease of use while ensuring minimal space usage.

Try a wall-mounted storage hook. This lets you display your bike in the hallway or in a

room while minimizing its space profile. You can also use a storage hook in the garage

to keep your bicycle out of the way of your car.

A bicycle storage wall provides room to stack multiple bikes in the same area. This is a

great solution for households with multiple riders, or for the avid collector.

If you have a room with high ceilings or a garage, you can store your bicycle high on the

wall with a hoist and pulley system. This is an intriguing space-saving solution that

makes it easy to retrieve your bicycle when you need it.

For the best space-saving option, outdoor storage solutions are the way to go. A

parking rack offers a classic organizational system with a chic urban feel. Standing wall

racks let you stack multiple bikes vertically. Ask you local bike shop for recommendations.

A covered balcony combines the space-saving convenience of outdoor storage with the

protection and security of indoor options. You can even use your balcony as a repair

and maintenance area with the addition of shelving and tool racks. 

Ask you local bike shop for recommendations.

For maximum security outdoors, look into installing a bike storage shed. Not only will

this prevent theft, but it will also protect your valuable bikes from rain and wind damage.

Wood options are relatively lightweight and durable. Metal options provide superior

impact resistance for high-wind situations.

If you’re looking for a minimalist solution, try these low-fuss options:

 A simple kickstand attachment keeps your bicycle standing upright.

 A gravity rack leans against the wall and uses the force of gravity to secure your


 A floor rack organizes one or multiple bicycles in a standing position.

Looking to add that extra-special touch to your decor? Get creative by using your

bicycle rack as a statement piece.

 An upright storage solution can work as a room divider to section a larger space.

Use in a large living room to form multiple areas for dining and socializing. It

makes an incredible conversational piece for friends and family.

 Take advantage of high ceilings and turn your bicycle into a crowd-wowing

display item with wall brackets mounted high on the wall. This is an excellent

option for collectors with rare rides to show off.

 Display your bike above your dresser for a charming addition to your

bedroom decor. Enthusiasts will love the opportunity to showcase a vintage

bicycle, or to keep a treasured possession close by.

Your bicycle can remain relatively clean indoors, but dust can build up on moving parts

and hinder smooth operation. A textile cover is a fantastically simple solution to extend

the maintenance of your bike indoors. Outdoor solutions include waterproof tents and

sheds sized for your bicycle.

Core Bicycle Repair/Maintenance Items

Some storage solutions provide extra space for repair and maintenance essentials. This

maximizes convenience and makes repair accessible. Be sure to include these items in

your storage repair kit.

 A floor pump with a pressure gauge lets you swiftly inflate your tires with just the

right amount of air.

 Hex wrenches in different sizes let you remove and adjust bike components in a


 A selection of brushes and rags work to remove grime and oil that build up with

daily use.

Bonus: For the passionate competitor

Want to boost your accomplishments in a unique way? Put your race bibs, medals, and

trophies on display for all to see.

 A standard hook rack lets you hang medallions with ease.

 A specialized bib and medal display option consists of a panel to showcase your

race bibs along with a series of staggered hooks for hanging medals.

 Make your own medal rack from everyday items. You can use a tie rack, an

ornament tree, or construct your own with hooks screwed into a wooden dowel.

 A hook rack with a display shelf on top provides a handy home for your treasured

award, while medals dangle below from the row of hooks.

 A standing shelf gives you plenty of space for all your trophies, while bibs can be

displayed in easel-back photo frames as a charming complement.

Bicycle storage doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many options available to

suit everyone. Whether you’re a casual rider, a daily commuter, or a weekend warrior,

your bicycle will benefit from a dedicated storage solution. Prolong the life of your

bicycle and protect your treasured possession with a storage solution customized to

your lifestyle.

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