Why Is The Frame The Most Important?

Posted by Kitty on Sep 26th 2014

bianchi frame

Why Is The Frame The Most Important? When you look at a bicycle, it's easy to see that the frame is the most important part of this vehicle. Not only is the frame the one that holds the entire bike up and together and allows you to sit on and steer it, but it also attests to the quality of the materials used. A frame can often be the defining factor in whether or not a bicycle will win you a race, keep you comfortable, or get you from point A to point B safely.

Bicycle frames are made of Alloy, Chromoly Steel, Carbon fiber or Titanium. Carbon Fiber is the lightest material, followed by titanium, which is also the strongest of all materials used for bicycle frames. Alloy and chromoly steel are the most used materials for bicycles. The qualities of theses frames vary widely. Best are usually the ones not bought in department stores or other chain stores. Your local bike shop can recommend what frame material suits your riding style and budget.

Buying New Or Changing The Frame

The frame can certainly be viewed as the most, or one of the most integral parts of a bicycle when it comes time to buy a new ride. If you take a good hard look at the handlebars, wheels, seat, and additional items involved in building one of these vehicles, it's obvious that you could change nearly any of these pieces and still have a fairly similar bike, but if you have to change the frame, it's almost better worth your time to buy an entirely new bike.

Setting Bikes Apart

A frame's importance becomes very clear when determining what type of bike might be right for you. A racing bike is different from a mountain bike, and a bike meant for a female will differ from that built for a male. You can also see whether it will be a good fit for you or your family member based on the frame and how it sits when you try to ride the bike. Many riders choose the first bike they see that they can swing a leg over but just because you're tall enough to ride something doesn't mean that it's the best choice for you. Find a good bike shop you can trust to recommend what is best for you.

Price vs. Quality

Choosing a high quality frame can change the entire look, feel and ride that you can get from your bicycle. Being the most expensive part of the bike, having to replace a frame is much more costly than getting a new seat or handlebars attached, which is why it's important to choose higher quality for the frame compared to the other parts.

Be Safe - Do not Create A Danger To Yourself and Those Around You

The frame can easily be seen as the most integral part of a bicycle by how safe it is to choose one that is too large or small for your stance. It might be possible for you to sit on top of a bike that's a little too big or too small and pedal where you need to go but if it doesn’t really fit your body, you could find yourself getting tired more easily, hurting your knees or getting all sort of other problems. This all has to do with the size of the bike, which sets the balance for riding it comfortably, and safe. The frame's size can also be a hazard when it comes to storage and carrying or lifting, as it takes up the majority of the bike. Selecting a frame that matches your own body size will lead to a comfortable riding experience and less opportunity for problems. There are many factors to establish the correct size of the frame. A professional bike shop can determine what size fits you best.