Cycling Prep for Winter

Posted by Kitty on Nov 18th 2016

Finally we are feeling cooler weather out here on the West Coast where we've got our 3 (almost) beachfront stores. It's time to start prepping our bikes for winter weather. Many of you are new at cycling so some of these tips might serve as a reminder. Here are some tips for cycling prep for winter.Before we get into all of that, however, the best way to prep your bike and get expert advice is to visit your bike shop (Ahem Bike Attack has 3 convenient locations in Southern California) and ask your friendly bike mechanic (we've never met an unfriendly one). They'll also have time tested tips an …
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Bike Attack Saturday Morning Coffee Ride!

Posted by Kitty on Nov 11th 2016

What's an amazing (and productive) way to grab your first cup of coffee Saturday mornings? Join Bike Attack and Friends for our weekly Saturday Morning Coffee Ride!Every Saturday, 8am - 10amWe start at Bike Attack Playa Vista, stop midway in Manhattan Beach for a coffee and return. Don't worry, we'll get you back to Bike Attack Playa Vista in time around 10am for whatever else you've got planned for your Saturday!Here are some Q's and A's we've set up to answer all your questions:Whose bike am I going to ride?Yours! Ours! If you have a bike you want to bring, GREAT! If you don't have a bi …
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Bike Attack and Scott Bikes Demo Day: Saturday, October 29th

Posted by Kitty on Oct 22nd 2016

MARK YOUR CALENDARSBIKE ATTACK and SCOTT BIKES DEMO DAYSATURDAY, OCTOBER 29th, 2016You're invited to the Bike Attack and Scott Bikes Demo Day and Fall Meetup!Where? Bike Attack Playa Vista When?  Saturday, October 29, 2016 10:00am to 3:00pm  Why?  Scott Bikes and Bike Attack are teaming up to introduce the some of the best in quality and performance road and mountain bikes. Scott Bikes creates bikes for cyclists of all ages from toddler to adult and bikes for both men and women. Whether you're a bike enthusiast looking to check o …
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Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling

Posted by Kitty on Oct 14th 2016

Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling, why choose one over the other? Let's explore the differences, benefits and disadvantages as well as some of the surprising things they have in common.VarietyOutdoor: There are unlimited differences in the type of outdoor bike you choose to ride. BMX, fixie, road, cyclocross, electric, cruisers, cargo, trikes, unicycles, etc. Combine this with the different brakes, derailleurs, chains, pedals, seats, colors, spokes, lights...the accessories and parts are endless in its variety. One of the most fun aspects of being a cyclist is the shopping!Indoor: There are quite …
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What is Slowing You Down?

Posted by Kitty on Oct 1st 2016

There are so many things you can do to improve your speed, but what is slowing you down? Here's a look at a few things that could be the culprits. Pollution Cycling in a city with poor air quality inhibits your lungs from peak performance. Those of us with bronchial issues like asthma have it even worse. Studies have shown that pollution is one of the top irritants for asthma. Professional cyclists such as 3 time Tour de France winner Christ Froome is a known asthmatic and is open about using his inhaler since he was a teen. Pollution is one of the causes of acute bron …
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