Ebike Newbie Guide

Jun 13th 2019

The future of transportation is electricity. Electric cars, electric trains, electric scooters, electric BIKES. Every cyclist who has never tried an electric bike owes it to themselves to take one for a test ride. Here's why.  Bianchi Aria E Road 2019  The definition of an electric bike begins and ends with the pedal assisted motor and battery. That's the absolute beginning basics of what differentiates a motorcycle from an e-bike. The motor on an ebike assists the cyclist, and there are so many different types of motors for bicycles out there. You can choose from a motor t …
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"For the Mother Who..." Mother's Day 2019

Posted by Bike Attack on May 3rd 2019

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 12 this year. Dedicate a memorable gift to the main Maternal Miss(us) in your life. Sit back and relax, we've put together a list of gift ideas for every personality type and budget.      For the Mother Who Accessorizes   Bern - Team Brighton 2019 in Pink Satin Rose Gold   The Team Brighton from Bern brings urban cycling back to its roots with its street-smart looks and classic lines. Skate inspired but tailor-made for cycling, with a low-profile fit and high quality build, the Team Brighton is edgy enough to be intere …
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Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Best Gifts

Posted by Bike Attack on Nov 30th 2017

Holiday Gift Guide8 Best Gifts For EverybodyWhat is the best gift for every kid in town?A bicycle!From BMX Bikes to Mountain Bikes to Balance Bikes, Bike Attack in Playa Vista has the biggest selection of Kids Bikes.Ladies bikes from City Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Road bikes. Bike Attack carries everything a woman dreams of.A Mountain Bike, Road Bike or 26" BMX cruiser for your BF? We offer to exchange gifts if your loved one wants a different color (happens)!Start your Christmas Shopping Now.Bike Attack | Playa Vista12775 W Millennium, Playa Vista, CA 90094ph: 310-862-5001(adjacent Whole Food …
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What is Trending In The Bike World?

Posted by Kitty on Dec 30th 2014

Winter? What winter? We are from sunny Southern California and winter here is what people from other parts of the world consider spring weather. We have the best biking weather conditions all year long but there are other places in the world. We got that. Therefore: Enough of the bragging!Winter will be fading away soon enough, and bikers all over the country will be looking for the first signs of dry ground so that they can take their two-wheeled rides out of hibernation and hit the trails. Whether you're an off-road biker, itching to hit the back roads and mountain trails or you're an on-roa …
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Cycling in LA: A Very Good Idea!

Posted by Kitty on May 24th 2014

Cycling in LA: A Very Good Idea!You live in LA, where it sometimes seems as if cars spend more time sitting still than rolling forward. You have a full time job that you're expected to show up to work every day. You want to stay in shape, yet by the time you get out of work and endure the commute home, it's often too late to go to the gym. You resent the amount of time you spend sitting in traffic, watching people on bikes roll by unimpeded. Arrghh! What's a person to do?Wait. You have a bicycle! What if you change your life and made the decision to commute to work each day? You'd no doubt eli …
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