10 Ways Riding a Bike can Save the World ( and make your life better )

Apr 27th 2017

Turns out, biking is not just good for your body and joints, but it's also the best choice for the environment. Here are 10 ways using a bike to get around your city can help save the world - and improve your life in the process. 

  1. Reduces household emissions
    Riding your bike to work rather than driving can cut down on your household emissions by at least 6%.
  2. Reduces traffic, too
    Cars produce .97 pounds of pollution per mile annually; bikes produce none. Bikes are also up to 50% faster than cars during rush hour.
  3. Cuts down on healthcare costs
    Biking makes you healthier, which in turn saves everyone on healthcare costs. 30 minutes of biking a day can save you $544/year this way. 
  4. Takes less to make a bike
    Bikes take far fewer natural resources to make than cars, the production of which generates 1.2 billion cubic yards of pollution each year.
  5. Makes you more productive
    When you spend less time in traffic, you have more time to get things done. Plus, biking gives you energy and even makes you happier. 
  6. Saves entire forests
    Far less rubber is involved in making bikes and their tires, which helps prevent the clearing of forests for rubber plantations.
  7. Combats noise pollution
    Not only does riding a bike help combat noise pollution, which affects wild animals, but it results in less roadkill, too. 
  8. Keeps land free for nature
    20 bikes can fit in the space of one car, so if more people rode them, we'd need to clear less land for parking lots. 
  9. Helps support local businesses
    When you ride a bike, you're more likely to keep your trips shorter and your shopping closer to home, which is great for local biz. 
  10. Saves lives
    33,000 people die each year in car crashes, but only 667 - while still a lot - are killed while riding a bike, making it much safer. 







Designed by Randy Nelson