Best Gift Guide: A Bicycle or Electric Bike

Posted by Bike Attack on Dec 12th 2019

Best Gift Guide: Number One On The List is a Bicycle or Electric BikeEverybody wants to give the perfect gift for the holidays and for Christmas that makes other people happy. But in our today's world that seems to be the most difficult thing to do. Everybody seems to have everything already, the tech gadgets, the video games, the clothing and of course the socks and underwear (a Christmas gift staple!). So what do you give to your child, to your wife, your husband, your best friend and what to give to your mom and dad? They either seem to have everything or you can't think of anything that th …
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Gift Guide: What Are The Best Gifts For 2018?

Posted by Bike Attack on Dec 14th 2018

Gift Guide: What Are The Best Gifts For 2018? Last Minute Shopping Made Easy!A Bicycle or Electric Bike Is The Best Gift At All Times:A bicycle is a great gift for everybody on your list, from your child, your spouse, your mom and dad or your best friend. A bicycle is a gift of a lifetime. It brings so much joy and fun to everybody's life and makes you loose weight, be healthy and fit and keeps you away from the sofa. Riding a bike is also proven to beat depression. The bike can be comfortable and trendy, vintage or modern. It can be a urban city bike to ride around town, a mountain …
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Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Best Gifts

Posted by Bike Attack on Nov 30th 2017

Holiday Gift Guide8 Best Gifts For EverybodyWhat is the best gift for every kid in town?A bicycle!From BMX Bikes to Mountain Bikes to Balance Bikes, Bike Attack in Playa Vista has the biggest selection of Kids Bikes.Ladies bikes from City Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Road bikes. Bike Attack carries everything a woman dreams of.A Mountain Bike, Road Bike or 26" BMX cruiser for your BF? We offer to exchange gifts if your loved one wants a different color (happens)!Start your Christmas Shopping Now.Bike Attack | Playa Vista12775 W Millennium, Playa Vista, CA 90094ph: 310-862-5001(adjacent Whole Food …
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4 Benefits of Scott Brand Bikes

Posted by Kitty on Oct 21st 2014

When it comes to performance bikes, you are typically looking at substantially higher price tags when compared to similar models from other brands. It’s not always the big brands that deliver the highest prices, for example Scott brand bikes typically run slightly higher than competitor brands, however the performance and quality of components justify the increase.4 Benefits of Scott Brand Bikes1. Scott has conquered milestones several times over.When shopping for a mountain bike, look for companies that continue to break the mold in terms of speed, weight, agility, and responsiveness. In 2005 …
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What The Forbes 2013 Buyer's Guide Didn't Tell You

Posted by Kitty on Jun 10th 2014

While some people looking to purchase a new bike will check out the Forbes 2013 buyer guide first, they should know that it doesn't list many great bikes that are definitely worth checking out. Though it highlights big name brands such as Cannondale that have massive amounts of funds to spend on marketing, there are other brands like Bianchi, KHS, Intense, Norco and Litespeed that are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest in terms of quality, trends, and technology. Below we have listed some of the great things about Bianchi, Litespeed and Intense bikes that you might otherwise been unaware of.Wh …
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