Ebike Newbie Guide

Jun 13th 2019

The future of transportation is electricity. Electric cars, electric trains, electric scooters, electric BIKES. Every cyclist who has never tried an electric bike owes it to themselves to take one for a test ride. Here's why.  Bianchi Aria E Road 2019  The definition of an electric bike begins and ends with the pedal assisted motor and battery. That's the absolute beginning basics of what differentiates a motorcycle from an e-bike. The motor on an ebike assists the cyclist, and there are so many different types of motors for bicycles out there. You can choose from a motor t …
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What is Trending In The Bike World?

Posted by Kitty on Dec 30th 2014

Winter? What winter? We are from sunny Southern California and winter here is what people from other parts of the world consider spring weather. We have the best biking weather conditions all year long but there are other places in the world. We got that. Therefore: Enough of the bragging!Winter will be fading away soon enough, and bikers all over the country will be looking for the first signs of dry ground so that they can take their two-wheeled rides out of hibernation and hit the trails. Whether you're an off-road biker, itching to hit the back roads and mountain trails or you're an on-roa …
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Simple Tips Help to Improve Your Hill Climbing Skills

Posted by blogbike on Mar 26th 2014

Biking, The Uphill Battle...Ok, the photo to the left may be a little extreme, but even the Tour de France can seem like something of a strange spectacle for those who aren't familiar with it. In most of the Tour's group stages, the racers cross the finish line not, as one might expect, staggered and individually, but more usually as part of a large group called the peloton. The race's organizers, in fact, recognize how common this will be, and award all of those who finish in this way a single time for the stage.This raises the question as to who is likely to actually win the long race. In th …
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Benefits of Electric Bicycles

Posted by Kitty on Dec 22nd 2013

The advantages of riding an electric bike are countless. Here are a few of the benefits of riding an electric bicycle.Longer Distances in shorter Time You can ride your electric bike for longer distances with less effort in a shorter time.Easy Hill Climbing You can ride up a hill with no effort.No Sweating With an electric bike you can commute to work and won’t arrive out of breath and sweaty.No Parking Problems Just park directly in front of your work, store, gym or restaurant.No Traffic Just pass all the cars in traffic. And smile!Be more active and healthy Being outdoors in the fresh a …
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Discover the Great Benefits of Buying an Electric Bike

Posted by Kitty on Nov 18th 2013

There has been plenty of news regarding the most innovative cars on the market. Cars that hover above the ground and many of us have seen videos of the ones that can actually drive themselves — these are all making headlines across the nation. There are even cars that can predict a collision and automatically depress the brakes to prevent an accident. Well, now there is another type of vehicle that is becoming the talk of the town and is sure to blow your mind and change your perspective on your current method of commute. Discover the Great Benefits of Buying an Electric BikeYou may wonder why …
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