Ebike Newbie Guide

Jun 13th 2019

The future of transportation is electricity. Electric cars, electric trains, electric scooters, electric BIKES. Every cyclist who has never tried an electric bike owes it to themselves to take one for a test ride. Here's why.  Bianchi Aria E Road 2019  The definition of an electric bike begins and ends with the pedal assisted motor and battery. That's the absolute beginning basics of what differentiates a motorcycle from an e-bike. The motor on an ebike assists the cyclist, and there are so many different types of motors for bicycles out there. You can choose from a motor t …
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8 Bikes for Spring 2019 That Put the "Cruise" in Cruisers

Posted by Bike Attack on Apr 4th 2019

Spring 2019 is the time to head outside and enjoy superblooms, longer days, and gorgeous, temperate weather. Is there a more picturesque way to appreciate Spring than cruising outside on a cruiser?    Bianchi: Venezia Dama  For the Venezia Dama, Bianchi dug out the old 1950s design plans from their Milano. A classic steel tube set make up the foundation of the new Venezia. Its color matched fenders and chainguard, simple 3-speed internally geared hub, and styling pays homage to the artistic city of Venice. Simple, elegant, classical.     & …
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Coaster Brakes VS Disc Brakes VS No Brakes

Oct 20th 2017

Bicycling is one of the most favorite pastimes of the people today. It helps a lot to maintain the fitness and health of an individual. Meanwhile, to make the most out of your cycling experience, you should know the difference about its brakes.To mention a few, you can opt for coaster brakes, disc brakes or even without brakes. To further guide you, the following are the differences among these types of brakes.Coaster BrakesThis type of brake is used by simply rotating the pedals of your bike in a backward position. In addition to this, coaster brakes is the most recommended brake for …
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7 Sins of Cyclists

Apr 6th 2017

Your instruction manual probably doesn't come with these common "sins" cyclists make on the regular. Want a list of how to avoid being a terrible bicycle owner? Here you go!Not Checking Your Bike Before You RideAir? Lube? Weather conditions? Brakes? Front/Rear wheel quick releases? You need to check your bike and your gear before you set out on your ride. You could be avoiding some nasty headaches further down the road. Making sure you've got all the right gear and your bike is in condition to suit your ride is not just making sure all your ducks are in a row, it's also to ensure your safety. …
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Beach, Bike, Babe . . . Cruisin’ Santa Monica on My Hot Pink Phat Cycle

Posted by blogbike on Jun 27th 2013

Ya, ok, this photo isn't of me, but my bike was pink :) I came on a trip from Minnesota to Southern California, Santa Monica to be specific, and I was determined to learn how to surf. I got the most expensive wetsuit, rented the top of the line surfboard, and was ready to ride the SoCal waves. However, after three hours of failed attempts, I came to the conclusion that surfing should stay reserved for the pros and locals. Well, I was stuck now. What was something universal that I, a born and raised Minnesotan, could do here in Santa Monica? Last time I checked, Santa Monica wasn’t too famo …
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