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Hovsco: HovCart Electric Cargo Bike


Electric Cargo Bike, the Hovsco HovCart is a powerful cargo bike with a comfortable relaxed cycling position at Bike Attack Playa Vista. This cargo bike is ideal for carrying kids and groceries around town. The electric bike has been designed and built with safety, comfort and ease of use in mind. The wide 20" tires provide excellent control on most terrains while the motor ensures great performance.


Powerful Cargo Loading System
Adaptable Torque Sensor Technology
Class: Class 2 20mph (Class 3 Unlocked via  app)
Shifter: Shimano 7-Speed Shifter
Motor: 750w Brushless Gear HUB Motor
Speed: Up to 26MPH (Unlocked via  app)
Battery: 60 mile range / 720wh Samsung/LG Battery with Flashlight




HOVSCO™ HovCart / Wagon 20" Step-Thru Front-Mounted Basket
HOVSCO™ HovCart / Wagon Large Rear Mounted Basket【Back order】

HOVSCO™ HovCart / Wagon Rear Mounted Children's Seat【Back order】
HOVSCO™ HovCart / Wagon 20“ Running Boards【Back order】
HOVSCO™ HovCart / Wagon Backseat Cushion【Back order】


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