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  • Tern Electric | Short Haul D8 | Electric Folding Bike | Black


    Tern: Short Haul D8


    Tern Electric: Short Haul D8   Compact cargo bike that carries up to 50 kg on the rear rack, plus an additional 20 kg with optional front rack Create your ideal setup with different accessory options to carry your kid, your stuff, or even...

  • Kestrel | Electric Scooter | Red


    Kestrel - eScooter


    Kestrel - Electric Scooter The Kestrel Electric Scooter at Bike Attack is the perfect e-scooter for your busy life. From morning commutes to running errands and even nights out, the Kestrel Electric Scooter is a reliable and lightweight form of...

  • Tern | Link D7i | Folding Bike | Satin Shale


    Tern: Link D7i


    Tern: Link D7i The Link D7i is a comfortable and stylish city bike from Tern that is an excellent choice to get up and going to improve your daily health. The Link can be conveniently stored away at home or taken with you on different forms of public...

  • Tern | Eclipse D16 | Folding Bike | Satin Gunmetal


    Tern: Eclipse D16


    Tern: Eclipse D16 Tern’s Eclipse D16 is an excellent  urban bike that features 26” wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, a stiff frame all at an affordable price.   FEATURES Best-riding introductory bike in our...

  • KHS | F20A-H7 | Folding Bike | Black


    KHS: F20A-H7


    KHS: F20A-H7   The F20A is a folding bike from KHS that features 7-speeds and a comfortable padded saddle.   SPECIFICATIONS Frame Curved Top tube 6061 Alloy, Folding Fork Hi-ten steel 28.6...

  • Tern | Verge D9 | Folding Bike | Red


    Tern: Verge D9


    Tern: Verge D9 Tern packed as much value as they could condense into one bike, the Verge D9 is an affordable urban bike with bigger race wheels, stable geometry, single drivetrain with a wide-range cassette, and folds small enough to take in a car or on...

  • Tern | Link C8 | Folding Bike | Satin Red


    Tern: Link C8


    Tern: Link C8 Tern’s Link C8 is a budget-friendly city bike that folds into a compact size at home and it is easy to store or take with you on the go.   FEATURES Entry-level price with advanced Tern technology, including the...

  • Tern | Link D8 | Folding Bike | Safety Yellow


    Tern: Link D8


    Tern: Link D8   Tern’s D8 is a budget-friendly electric bike that can easily fold so you can carry it with you on your daily commute on the bus or the train and can be folded down and stored under your desk to save space...

  • Biria | 20" Road Bike | Black

    Biria Bicycles

    Biria: Mini Velo


    Biria: Mini Velo - 20" Road Bike Biria's Mini Velo is a compact, fast and agile little devil that will take on the streets of New York, Chicago or San Francisco with a vengeance.  It's lightweight to carry it up 4 stories with ease, and small...

  • Tern | Node D8 | Folding Bike | Satin Midnight


    Tern: Node D8


    Tern: Node D8 Tern’s Node D8 is an excellent city-bike that can handle bumpy rides with its sturdy frame, big wheels with comfortable tires and can fold down small in 10 seconds flat.    FEATURES 8-speed...

  • Tern | Link A7 | Folding Bike | Satin Black


    Tern: Link A7


    Tern: Link A7 Tern's Link A7 is a lightweight folding bike that features a 7-speed Shimano Tourney transmission and a wide range of adjustable heights for a smooth and stable ride. The Link A7 is an affordable gift for adults and can quickly fold away...