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  • Marin | DSX FS | Gloss Black/Grey


    Marin: DSX FS


    Marin: DSX FS The DSX is the mountain biker’s gravel bike with familiar hand positioning, reliable 1x drivetrains, large tire clearance, and dropper post routing for better off road control, and on road descending stability. Key upgrades over DSX...

  • Marin | Gestalt 2.5 | Satin Black/Gloss Dark Chameleon Red


    Marin: Gestalt 2.5


    Marin: Gestalt 2.5 LONG DISTANCE COMMUTING ENDURANCE AND ALL-WEATHER PAVEMENT The Gestalt is for the drop bar rider that doesn’t want to stick to pavement, and can’t help but get dirty no matter the route. Long distance commuters and...

  • Linus | Pronto 8D | Urban City Bike | Matte Indigo


    Linus: Pronto 8D


    Linus: Pronto 8D   The pronto 8D is a performance-driven, diamond frame bike that is well-suited for both quick errands and longer commutes. Now available at Bike Attack in Playa Vista. WEIGHT: Large: 11.8kg /...

  • Felt: VR 40 | Gravel Endurance Road Bike


    Felt: VR 40


    Felt: VR 40 ENDURANCE AND GRAVEL   Felt VR 40 at Bike Attack Playa Vista are the disc brake version of Felt's Z series endurance bikes and are designed for a rider who wants a light and fast road bike, but have the option of running wider...

  • Jamis | Allegro A1 | 2021 | Silver


    Jamis: Allegro A1 - 2021


    Jamis: Allegro A1 - 2021 Aluminium City Bike and Flat Bar Road Bike at Bike Attack Playa Vista.   Size Specific Design Triple-butted 6061 aluminum frame with fast back rear triangle Jamis full carbon composite fork with carbon...

  • Masi | BRUNELLO GRX 11


    Masi: Brunello GRX 11 - 2021


    MASI BRUNELLO GRX 11 Application: Gravel / Cyclo Cross   Just like the wine it's named after, the Brunello surprises you when you get a taste of it. An all new aluminum gravel frame and full carbon fork easily handle the needs of the road...

  • Felt | Breed 30 | Gravel Bike


    Felt: Breed 20 - 2021


    Felt: Breed 20 - 2021 Application: Gravel Gravel riding is the new kind of cycling. There are more cyclists on the gravel riding scene, more legs in the game, and more minds opening up to the wonderful world of off-road adventure. That's why Felt...

  • Orbea | Orca M30 | 2021 White

    Orbea Bikes

    Orbea: Orca M30 - 2021


    Orbea: Orca M30 - 2021 Custom order to be made in Spain. Road - Orca   FRAME Orbea Orca carbon OMR Disc, monocoque construction, HS 1,5", BB 386mm, powermeter compatible, Rear Thru Axle 12x142mm, thread M12x2 P1, Speed release...

  • Orbea Electric | Vibe H30 | 2021 | Blue

    Orbea Bikes

    Orbea Electric: VIBE H30 - 2021


    Orbea Electric: Vibe H30 - 2021 - 20mph Custom order to be made in Spain. CATEGORY: E-BIKES - URBAN - VIBE The new Orbea Vibe is a beautiful electric urban city bike with a flat bar that doesn't show it is electric, available in both Bike Attack's...

  • Masi | Tavolo Tiagra | 2021


    Masi: Tavolo Tiagra - 2021


    MASI TAVOLO Tiagra - 2021 Application: Gravel / Cyclo Cross   It's the same reasoning behind our Tavalo line of gravel bikes, starting with the Tavalo Tiagra. Simply and purposefully built, from the GRX drivetrain to the no nonsense ride that...

  • Marin | DXS 2 | Gloss Brown/Yellow


    Marin: DSX 2


    Marin: DSX 2 The DSX 2 from Marin is the mountain biker's gravel bike that features a familiar hand positioning, reliable drivetrains, large tire clearance, and dropper post routing for better off road control, and on road descending stability...

  • Marin | DSX 1 | Grey/Blue


    Marin: DSX 1


    Marin: DSX 1 Marin's DSX 1 is a flat bar gravel bike that features a lightweight aluminum frame, and carbon forks with large tire clearance, low standover, and hydraulic disc brakes that combine to make a comfortable ride with a heads up riding position...

  • Marin | Four Corners | Gloss Green/Tan


    Marin: Four Corners


    Marin: Four Corners Marin's Four Corners a comfortable road bike for both commuting and any adventure. The heads-up bar position and generous braze-ons that make it possible to live on the bike for days at a time are equally at home on the daily commute...

  • Marin | Gestalt X11 | Gloss Grey/Blue/Rorange


    Marin: Gestalt X11


    Marin: Gestalt X11 Marin's Gestalt X11 is a reliable drop bar road bike that features simple 1x drivetrains, large tire clearance, and dropper post routing for better off road control, and on road descending ability.   Color: Gloss...

  • Marin | Nicasio+ | Satin Tan/Black


    Marin: Nicasio+


    Marin: Nicasio+ Marin's Nicasio+ is an excellent road bike that feature classic lines and CrMo frame tubes like a classic bike and a tire clearance that allows for riders to handle any surface.   Color: Satin...

  • Marin | Nicasio 2 | Satin Blue/Green/Orange


    Marin: Nicasio 2


    Marin: Nicasio 2 The Nicasio 2 is the perfect road bike from Marin for riders who are looking for something different, modern but with a traditional steel frame. This bike is great for long distance commuting on and off the road and is ready to...

  • Marin | Gestalt 1 | Satin Red/Gloss Charcoal


    Marin: Gestalt 1


    Marin: Gestalt 1 GESTALT The Gestalt series takes you Beyond Road. These endurance models let you take any path you feel comfortable, whether it be on the asphalt or up a gravel road with a secret view. The lightweight butted aluminum Series 3 frames...

  • Felt: Broam 30 | Gravel Road Bike


    Felt: Broam 30


    Felt: Broam 30 Application Gravel   Who says that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too? Meet the Broam, our most capable road bike ever. It’s an all-purpose, drop-bar beast, one equally at home on pavement, dirt trails, and gravel...