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  • Tern Electric | HSD S8i | Mini Electric Cargo Bike | Tundra


    Tern Electric: HSD S8i


    Tern: HSD S8i - Mini Electric Cargo Bike Tern’s HSD S8i is a very comfortable electric bicycle that packs a lot of functionality into a compact bike. This e-bike is ready to haul anything from everyday groceries to camping gear. Take the kiddos...

  • Tern Electric | HSD P9 | Mini Electric Cargo Bike | Red


    Tern Electric: HSD P9


    Tern: HSD P9 - Mini Electric Cargo Bike The HSD P9 is a capable electric cargo bike from Tern that features a sturdy frame with a comfortable upright seating position that is perfect for everyday riding. This compact electric touring bike is an...

  • Addmotor Electric | Motan M-70 R7 | Black


    Addmotor: Motan M-70 R7


    Addmotor Electric: Motan M-70 R7 The Motan M-70 R7 is a powerful electric cruiser bike inspired by the 70's vintage look of the Super 73 bikes. The MOTAN M-70 is a high performance eBike and has a long range of battery power. It comes with a...

  • Aventon Electric | Pace 350 Step-Through | Electric City Bike | White


    Aventon: Pace 350 Step Through


    Aventon Electric: Pace 350 Step Through BEST E-BIKE PRICE IN THE INDUSTRY! The Aventon Pace 350 Step Through is the most affordable electric bike for those who like to ride around the city, along the beach path, or for an easy commute. This bike has a...

  • Elux Electric | Malibu

    Elux Electric Bikes

    Elux Electric: Malibu Sale


    Elux Electric: Malibu Bike Attack has the new Elux Malibu, an electric hybrid cruiser that blends contemporary lines and features an integrated battery forward design with the ultra-comfortable upright riding position that Elux is famous for, bringing...

  • Magnum Electric | Metro | Electric City Bike | White


    Magnum Electric: Metro


    Magnum Electric: Metro - Low Step Magnum's Metro bike is a beautifully designed, purpose built electric bicycle that is well suited to urban riding or commuting. The Step-thru frame allows for easy mounting and dismounting. The powerful 500 watt...

  • Magnum Electric | Summit | Electric Mountain Bike


    Magnum Electric: Summit


    Magnum Electric: Summit   The Summit is the newest trail/mountain e-bike in the Magnum product line at Bike Attack. It’s stand out features are the fully integrated battery for a sleek design and a range of accent colors span the top of the...

  • Sale
    Magnum Electric | Metro+ | Electric City Bike | White


    Magnum Electric: Metro + SALE


    Magnum Electric: Metro+ Sale The Magnum Metro+ is an affordable and stable electric city bike with classic frame. European frame design with 700c wheels.  Powerful 500 watt motor paired with a large 48 volt 13 amp hour battery pack...

  • Magnum Electric | Cruiser | Electric Cruiser Bike | 2020


    Magnum Electric: Cruiser


    Magnum Electric: Cruiser The Magnum Cruiser CI6 is an electric beach cruiser from Magnum. A beautifully designed, purpose built electric bike well suited to urban riding or commuting Powerful 500 watt motor paired with a large...

  • Tern Electric | GSD S00 | Electric Cargo Bike | Rhino Grey


    Tern Electric: GSD S00 LX


    Tern Electric: GSD S00 LX - Electric Cargo Bike The GSD S00 LX is a sturdy compact electric cargo bike that features a well balanced frame with 20-inch wheels that is a fun car alternative to get around town. This e-bike can be stored up right as well...

  • Tern Electric | Vektron S10 | Electric Folding Bike | Satin Black


    Tern Electric: Vektron S10


    Tern Electric: Vektron S10 Tern’s Vektron S10 is the perfect electric bike if you’re looking for a reliable form of alternative transportation. The Vektron can fold down in size if storage space is an issue at home or on the go and it...

  • Aventon Electric | Pace 500 | Black


    Aventon: Pace 500


    AVENTON ELECTRIC: PACE 500 You want something with rad power? This is the new Juiced: Aventon Pace 500 is an affordable and fast electric bicycle for someone who likes to ride around the city, along the beach path or for having an easy commute. This...

  • Aventon Electric | Pace 500 Step Through | White


    Aventon: Pace 500 Step Through


    AVENTON ELECTRIC: PACE 500 STEP THROUGH - 2020  The Aventon Pace 500 Step Through is an affordable electric bicycle for the lady who likes to ride around the city, along the beach path or for having an easy commute. This bike has a comfortable and...

  • Tern Electric | Vektron Q9 | Electric Bike | Satin Red


    Tern Electric: Vektron Q9


    Tern Electric: Vektron Q9 Tern’s Vektron Q9 is a reliable electric folding bike and is perfect for those looking for a compact and practical bike for everyday use. The Vektron features Powerful Bosch Performance Line drive system and optimal...

  • Biria Electric | Folding Bike | Red

    Biria Bicycles

    Biria Electric: Folding Bike


    Biria Electric: Folding Bike Introducing the new BIRIA Electric Folding Bike: It has the appearance of a normal folding bike with the Lithium-Ion battery hidden inside the frame. The 500 Watt motor and 36V, 10.4 Amp Samsung battery, provides a...

  • Elux Electric | Sierra Sport | Red

    Elux Electric Bikes

    Elux Electric: Sierra GT


    Elux Electric: Sierra GT The new Elux Sierra GT, a bestseller at Bike Attack, comes now fully equipped with 750 Watts, front suspension fork and extra light and brings the same rough and tough, off-road, and folding capabilities with the addition of Mag...

  • Orbea | Gain D30 1X | Black-Titani Matte

    Orbea Bikes

    Orbea Electric: Gain D30 1X


    ORBEA ELECTRIC: GAIN D30 1X The Gain D30 1X from Orbea is one of the best selling gravel electric bikes at Bike Attack. SPECIFICATIONS Frame Orbea Gain Hydro 6061 Hydroform Aluminum 2021, ICR cable routing, Forged BB, safety screw, 135x9 QR, Flat...