Urtopia: Carbon 1 S - SALE


Urtopia: Carbon 1 S - SALE

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Urtopia: Carbon 1 S - 7 speed (350W), 25mph

This brand new lightweight Bluetooth GPS Electric Bike at Bike Attack Playa Vista is capable to do it all.


7speed/350W version at 25mph Top Speed.


Colors: Vanilla, Sirius, Lyra, Midnight in Paris 


Sizes: S, M, L


Award Winning Design


Full Carbon


Made of full carbon fiber, Urtopia E-Bike is crazily light at only 33 lbs, easily carried around just like a road bike.


ONLY 33 lbs

Next-level adventures with gears
 Up to 25mph
 350W 45Nm motor
 Assist levels x Gears: 4 x 7
 Increased ride range
 Wider terrain capabilities
Carbon 1S offers the options of pushing a harder gear to get more workout or speed; or riding an easy gear with less stress on the legs. The 350W motor with gears makes your ride speedier and easier to travel up the hills.


At Urtopia, we emphasize connection and interaction. That’s why we built the Smartbar. Now you can use your finger to wake up your e-bike, your voice to talk to it, and GPS for real-time navigation.


Anti-theft GPS, Voice Control, Fingerprint Unlock, Built-in Navigation, OTA Update, ARES lights.


A bright red light warns drivers and riders of the Urtopia rider up front.


Projection Lights


Each is a turn-indicator that casts a signal on the ground at a click of the rider.


Integrated with

Apple Watch and Strava


Urtopia E-Bike allow syncing Apple Watch for Heart Rate Monitoring on Smartbar in real time. Urtopia App also break data barriers, sync with Apple Health, and share to Strava in just one click!


Removable Battery. Capacity: 360 Wh


Full charge: 2.5 hrs


Range: 62 miles (100 km) max


Torque Sensor - Instant response


Unlike jerky and tardy power assistance actuated by cadence/speed sensing, torque sensor samples pedaling almost real-time, and adjusts output power optimally to achieve a highly-satisfying riding experience.




Lightweight but powerful


With 350 W rated power and 35 Nm torque, Urtopia's auto-adaptive motor technology puts out ample assistance for either steep-slope climbing or high-speed cruising, while proprietary clutching renders it resistance-free in Pedal Mode.


Puncture-Resistant Tires. Stay out of trouble


Enjoy the ride without the threat of deflation.


Hydraulic Disc Brakes. Enormous stopping power


Let you stop with confident, no more fare of speed, all come from the brake that can give you smooth but powerful stopping experience.







Rider height



A. Standover height



B. Seat height (to ground)



C. Handlebar grips height



D. Handlebar width



E. Crank length



F. Overall length



G. Wheel diameter



H. Seat height (to seat tube)



I. Handlebar diameter (outer)





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