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  • Scott | Aspect 970 | Mountain Bike | Green


    Scott: Aspect 970 - 2022


    Scott: Aspect 970 - 2022 MOUNTAIN SPORT BIKE Scott's Aspect 970 is a lightweight hardtail mountain bike that features reliable disc brakes and Syncros components all while being budget friendly.   TECH 29' WHEELS   SIZE XS, S, M, L, XL,...

  • Marin | Wildcat Trail 3 | Gloss Silver/Light Blue/Dark Blue


    Marin: Wildcat Trail 3


    Marin: - Wildcat Trail 3 The Wildcat Trail line of mountain bikes are designed specifically for women riders, with custom frame features and component selections like saddles, grips, and short-reach brake levers suited to female body dimensions, all...

  • Jamis | Durango A1 | 2021 | Flat Olive


    Jamis: Durango A1


    Jamis: Durango A1 The Durango A1 is a mountain bike  from Jamis with best-in-class performance. This MTB features a hardtail frame, there’s nothing entry-level about this bike.   SPECIFICATIONS Frame 6061 aluminum main tubes,...

  • SE Bikes | OM Flyer 26" | SE Blue

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: OM Flyer 26"


    SE Bikes: OM Flyer 26"  A staple in BMX at Bike Attack for nearly as long as the sport has been in existence, the 26" OM Flyer was originally designed by and named after SE's founder, Scot "Old Man" Breithaupt. This bike captures the essence of...

  • Scott | Contessa Active 50 | Coral | Women's Mountain Bike


    Scott: Contessa Active 50


    Scott: Contessa Active 50 - Coral - Only one size XS available!   MOUNTAIN BIKES - WOMEN'S Scott’s Women's MTB models feature rigs that were designed for the ladies out there who enjoy being out on the trails. Good times, great...

  • SE Bikes | Big Ripper 29" | Wood Grain

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: Big Ripper 29"


    SE Bikes: Big Ripper 29" The PK Ripper was the raddest, baddest and most famous bike during the first BMX boom in the early '80s. Fast forward 40 years to today and now it's the 29" Big Ripper that's on top during the Big Bike BMX boom. This year's Big...

  • Marin | Bobcat 4 | Gloss Blue/Red/Dark Red


    Marin: Bobcat Trail 4


    Marin: Bobcat Trail 4 Marin's bobcat Trail 4 is a hardtail mountain bike that is perfect for exploring singletrack trail systems. This MTB is the top choice for the recreational rider looking for modern step geometry.   Color: Gloss...

  • Scott | Aspect 950 | Mountain Bike | Slate Grey


    Scott: Aspect 950 - 2022


    Scott: Aspect 950 - 2022 MOUNTAIN - SPORT Scott’s Aspect 950 is the perfect mountain bike for the budget conscious mountain biker with features like disc brakes and Syncros components.   FEATURES, note components might change without prior...

  • SE Bikes | Vans Big Ripper 29"

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: Vans Big Ripper 29"


    SE Bikes: Vans Big Ripper 29" When SE launched the world’s first 29” BMX bike, the Big Ripper in 2009, it literally took the retro BMX world by storm. Over the years, the Big Ripper has gone on to become the #1 bike in the Bike Life scene...

  • SE Bikes | Big Flyer HD 29" | High Def Silver

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes: Big Flyer HD 29"


    SE Bikes: Big Flyer HD 29" SE created an awesome new version of the Big Flyer this year. The 29” Big Flyer HD comes equipped with front and rear disc brakes and a sealed bearing rear disc hub. Add in the internal headset, mid...

  • Jamis | Highpoint A2 | 2021 | Ano Black


    Jamis: Highpoint A2


    Jamis: Highpoint A2 - 2021 The Highpoint A2 is a mountain bike from Jamis that features a lightweight hardtail frame, dual water bottle mounts, and big wheels to roll faster and easier over the trails you ride.   SPECIFICATIONS Frame 6061...

  • Bianchi | Duel 27.S | Black/Titanium | 2022

    Bianchi Bicycles

    Bianchi: Duel 27.S - 2022


    Bianchi: Duel 27.S - 2022 The Duel 27.S is and ideal mountain bike for those who are looking to get into mountain biking with confidence. Relive the days where mountain bike began, in the 90s, when the colors were bright, grip shifters were cool, and...

  • Bianchi | Duel 29.S | Celeste/Titanium | 2022

    Bianchi Bicycles

    Bianchi: Duel 29.S - 2022


    Bianchi: Duel 29.S - 2022 The Duel 29.S is a rad mountain bike from Bianchi that features a lightweight aluminum frame, a stylish paint job, and wide 29" tires to help you ride with confidence. The Duel is also available with 27" tires...

  • Free Agent | Cronus | BMX Bike 26" | Dirt Jumper

    Free Agent

    Free Agent: Cronus


    Free Agent: Cronus STREET/PARK BIKES Think dirt, Ride dirt. Live Dirt. Trail serious bikes with a dirty attitude. Awesome ride, Killer value.   This bike features a 6061 Alloy frame and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes for powerful stopping...

  • Scott | Aspect 940 | Mountain Bike | Blue


    Scott: Aspect 940 - 2022


    Scott: Aspect 940 - 2022 MOUNTAIN SPORT BIKE Scott’s Aspect 940 is the perfect hardtail mountain bike, with features like its lightweight alloy frame, lockout mechanism for the fork, disc brakes and Syncros components that help make this one...

  • Marin | San Quentin 1 | Grey/Black


    Marin: San Quentin 1


    Marin: San Quentin 1 Developed in conjunction with freeride legend Matt Jones and taking its name from the most rough and tumble piece of Marin County, the San Quentin collection lives up to the notoriety of the namesake maximum security California...