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Biria: Folding Bike

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Biria: Folding Bike

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Biria Electric: Folding Bike

Introducing the new BIRIA Electric Folding Bike: It has the appearance of a normal folding bike with the Lithium-Ion battery hidden inside the frame. The 500 Watt motor and 36V, 10.4 Amp Samsung battery, provides a range potential of 20-25 miles per charge.  

Dual disc brakes with fat tires 20 x 4.0" make this electric folding bike a perfect bike for rugged terrain.  A USB port is included to charge your phone while riding. This is a pedal-assist electric bike that also has a throttle, than can easily be disconnected if needed.


Colors: Red, White, Yellow, Black



Biria Aluminum Folding
Hi-Ten Steel
Alloy ultra light with cut-outs
20 x 4.0"
7-speed Shimano
Aluminum folding adjustable
Aluminum Straight bar
Disc Brakes
Lithium ion Samsung 36 Volts, 10.4 Amp
500 Watt Rear hub Brushless
20-25 Miles average per one battery charge, with pedal assist 


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