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  • Tuesday | August 1 LS | Womens Cruiser | 2019 | Bright Rose Pink


    Tuesday: August 1 LS


    Tuesday : August 1 Low Step - Womens - 2019 Tuesday Cycles’ August 1 LS is a single speed cruiser for ladies that features a KMC Rust-Buster chain combined with stainless steel and rust-resistant hardware that serves up a worry-free set of wheels...

  • Tuesday | August 1 | Mens Cruiser | 2019 | Dark Red


    Tuesday: August 1


    Tuesday : August 1 - Mens Hop on the August 1 from Tuesday Cycles for long slow rolls and endless sunny days with its aluminum cruiser frame and Touch Down Geometry.   Features Simplicity is bliss. Single Speed with coaster kick-back...

  • Tuesday | June 7 LS | Womens Cruiser | Surf Blue | 24 Inches


    Tuesday: June 7 LS 24in


    Tuesday : June 7 Low Step 24 Inch Tuesday Cycles’ June 7 Low Step is the perfect bike for ladies that is equipped with a 7 speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain, adjustable alloy brake levers, and rust resistant hardware for a smooth ride...

  • Tuesday | June 7 | Mens Cruiser | Black


    Tuesday: June 7


    Tuesday : June 7 - Mens Got hills? Not a problem when you have 7-speeds to work with. On Tuesday Cycles’ June 7,  the Shimano Revo twist shifter makes for quick, intuitive shifting and minimal maintenance.   Features Got hills? Not a...

  • Tuesday | June 1 LS | Womens Cruiser | Surf Blue


    Tuesday: June 1 LS


    Tuesday : June 1 Low Step - Womens Tuesday Cycles’ June 1 LS is comfortable cruiser for women that features a single speed drivetrain and coaster brakes for a relaxing ride along the beach.   Features Simplicity is bliss. Single Speed...

  • Tuesday | June 1 | Mens Cruiser | Matte Black


    Tuesday: June 1


    Tuesday : June 1 - Mens The June 1 from Tuesday Cycles features a technology unique to their brand called Touch Down Geometry. “TDG” is embedded in the custom Tuesday frame designs and strategically places the seat and pedals in the ideal...

  • Tuesday | May 1 LS | Womens Cruiser | 2019 | Mint


    Tuesday: May 1 LS


    Tuesday : May 1 Low Step - Womens Simplicity really is bliss on the May. With one speed and a classic coaster brake, this is truly a truly modern classic to make your own. Available in 26 inch or 24 inch wheelset and in a variety of colors.   The...

  • Tuesday | May 1 | Mens Cruiser | 2019 | Silver


    Tuesday: May 1 - 2019


    Tuesday : May 1 - Mens - 2019 Tuesday Cycles’ May 1 is a modern classic cruiser bike for men with one speed and a classic coaster brake.   Features Simplicity is bliss. Single Speed with coaster kick-back brakes make riding intuitive and...

  • Nirve | Skulls (Vintage) | Matte Black


    Nirve: Skulls (Vintage)


    Nirve: Skulls (Vintage) 3-Speed The Skulls (Vintage) is one badass cruiser. With features like Nirve’s proprietary Galaxy Frame for men, Moto flared fenders, Fatass® Flame Tread tires, a cushy skull embossed saddle, Chrome skull valve caps,...

  • Nirve | Skulls | Matte Black


    Nirve: Skulls


    Nirve: Skulls The Nirve Skulls is not your typical cruiser. It’s a 3-speed bike that demands a kind of attitude, which it delivers in spades with features like its Matte Black frame, a short stack chopper stem, Nirve FatAss Tires, Nirve Moto...

  • Elux | Tahoe Step-Thru | Electric Cruiser

    Elux Electric Bikes

    Elux Electric: Tahoe Step- Thru


    Elux Electric: Tahoe Step-Thru - Fat Tire Inspired by those long rides up and down the coast, this electric beach cruiser design will make your trip a breeze while riding comfortable and in style. The upright riding position, large tires, and spring...

  • Schwinn | ALU 1 Men's | Men's Cruiser | Grey


    Schwinn: ALU 1 Men's - 2021


    Schwinn: ALU 1 Men's - Cruiser - 2021 Cruisers Perfect for riders who want a classically-styled, comfortable and simple bike to cruise around town or on the beach.   A Bicycle With The Chill Factor Baked In. All about the chill factor. These...

  • Schwinn | S7 Women's | Step-Thru Cruiser | Team Blue


    Schwinn: S7 Women's - 2021


    Schwinn: S7 Women's - Step- Thru Cruiser - 2021 The S7 Women’s cruiser from Schwinn is the perfect step-thru bicycle for cruising down the boardwalk. Available in Team Blue.   The S7 Cruiser is also available in a mens model and single...

  • Elux | Tahoe | Electric Fat Beach Cruiser

    Elux Electric Bikes

    Elux Electric: Tahoe


    Elux Electric: Tahoe The Tahoe Fat Tire electric cruiser is designed for comfort and style. Riding down the beach, on a wooded trail, or commuting to work, you will experience a more relaxing ride. The upright riding position, large tires, and spring...

  • Bianchi | Venezia Lady | 2022 | Celeste

    Bianchi Bicycles

    Bianchi: Venezia Lady - 2022


    Bianchi: Venezia Lady - 2022 Bianchi's Venezia Lady is a simple yet elegant city bike that is perfect for women. Bianchi dug out the old 1950s design plans from their Milano and its styling pays homage to the artistic city of Venice...

  • Schwinn | S1 Women's | Women's Cruiser | 2021 | Pink


    Schwinn: S1 Women's - 2021


    Schwinn: S1 Women's - Step-Thru Cruiser - 2021 Schwinn’s S1 cruiser for women is the perfect bike for cruising down the boardwalk and features fun colors such as Pink, and Purple and Red.   The S1 Cruiser is also available in a mens model...

  • Nirve | Lahaina 3 CB | Cha-Cha Cherry


    Nirve: Lahaina 3-Speed CB


    Nirve: Lahaina 3 CB (Coaster Brake) The Nirve Lahaina 3-speed cruiser bike that features an Aluminum Galaxie frame with a welded kickstand, 3-speed internally geared hubs and a rear coaster brake. Ride with ease, on the wide and comfortable saddle and...

  • Nirve | B1 Cruiser CB Men's | Hypnotic Blue


    Nirve: B1 Cruiser CB Men's


    Nirve: B1 Cruiser CB (Coaster Brake) Men's The Nirve B-1 Cruiser for men comes from the Nirve Boardwalk Series set of cruisers and is available in Darth Black and Hypnotic Blue, and features a Nirve Classic Steel cruiser frame with kickstand, a...

  • Nirve | B-1 Classic | Gloss Black


    Nirve: B-1 Classic


    Nirve: B-1 Classic Nirve's B-1 Classic Mens Bike is a great single speed bike with a Nirve Fastback cruiser frame and kickstand, Nirve classic tread tires and rear coaster brake. The B-1 provides a comfortable ride that will last through long rides in...

  • Nirve | Beach 7 Men's | Bonfire


    Nirve: Beach 7 Men's


    Nirve: Beach 7 Men's There’s nothing more relaxing or restoring than a bike ride at the beach. Pedaling along at an easy pace is a nod to the slowed-down speed of life at the shore. The Beach Cruiser 7 for men features 7 speeds, Nirve blackwall...

  • Nirve | B7 Cruiser | Paint it Red


    Nirve: B7 Cruiser Men's


    Nirve: B7 Cruiser Men's A classic cruiser for men, the Nirve B-7, is a seven speed with a fastback cruiser steel frame made of full hi-ten steel, a welded tank plate, light alloy wheels and coaster brakes making this bike both comfortable and cool to...

  • Nirve | C7 | 7-Speed | Metallic Charcoal


    Nirve: C7


    Nirve: C7 7-Speed The C7 cruiser is cool bicycle for men that features a Hi-Ten Steel frame with a fastback Cruiser design in Metallic Charcoal, a wide comfortable saddle, Nirve’s classic tread tires, and 7-speed gears...